As the King in Black’s arrival draws closer, Eddie and Dylan Brock get a taste of what their Earth may come to look like in their future.

Venom Beyond is the worst possible outcome for Venom and the people of Earth-616. The Earth that Eddie and Dylan Brock are teleported to has been ravaged by a symbiote war, a battle that the heroes lost. The leader of the opposition was none other than Dylan. Eddie’s son had a normal childhood until he began writing strange Klyntar symbols on the wall. He became obsessed with snuffing out a light that was supposed to arrive. Dylan than used his powers to take a piece of the Venom symbiote and the symbiote war began.

Dylan ultimately became more powerful over time. He used his abilities to manipulate and recreate some of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes including Hulk and Iron Man. Anne Weying and the heroes of Earth tried to resist Dylan’s influence but the Earth was quickly overwhelmed by the son of the symbiote and his army. They eventually drove the resistance underground and took over the planet. On this Earth, The God of Symbiotes that took over the world was not Knull but Dylan Brock.

The Earth featured in Venom Beyond may have seemed far-fetched to readers before but given the context, Venom’s Earth may soon be identical. The catalyst for the event that changed the alternate Earth has to do with Dylan Brock’s powers. Dylan is growing increasingly more powerful on Earth-616. He has proven that he shares abilities with Knull. He can manipulate symbiotes. In Venom #29 by Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, and Luke Ross, Dylan uses his powers to kill the symbiote attached to Mac Gargan. The act horrified Anne Weying because she has witnessed how deadly her own version of Dylan Brock could be.

Venom Beyond: The Darkest Future For Marvel's Universe?
Venom Beyond: The Darkest Future For Marvel’s Universe?

The stakes have been raised for Marvel’s King in Black event. Venom Beyond author Cates’s way of showing how Marvel’s biggest upcoming event could end. Knull The God of Symbiotes is coming to Earth and he is determined to destroy all the light in the universe. Like the Dylan Brock of Venom Beyond he has complete mastery over the symbiote race. If the heroes of this alternate Earth are as powerful as the heroes of Earth-616 what chance do they stand against a threat like Knull?

One thing has been made clear from the panels of Venom Beyond. King in Black’s greatest battle will be a symbiote VS. symbiote battle. All of the alternate Earth’s resistance has been outfitted with symbiotes to battle Codex. To oppose Knull, Venom must find a way to help his Earth’s heroes hold their own against symbiotes. Dylan Brock is their wild card. He can be Earth’s savior or Earth’s doom. Do Venom and The Avengers have what it takes to resist the ultimate evil?