This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman has pitched a movie that will tackle an alternate story where Jack lives and he says NBC has already greenlit it.

This Is Us creator has an idea for a film about the Pearsons after the show wraps up. Premiering its sixth and final season later than usual after it was pushed to a winter premiere, the NBC family drama is currently starting to tie up plotlines as it gears up for its finale. But, apparently, there’s still a chance that the show’s story can continue beyond.

Following the life of Jack and Rebecca (Mandy Moore), who were gifted with three kids, all born on the same day, This Is Us’ focuses on the highs and lows of life. Given the show’s non-linear storytelling, it jumps back and forth in time, allowing it to continuously incorporate the Pearson patriarch into the narrative despite previously dying in the ’90s. Meanwhile, the present timeline puts the spotlight on the couple’s kids — Kate (Chrissy Metz), Kevin (Justin Hartley), and Randall (Sterling K. Brown), who are all going through their respective struggles.

As This Is Us enters its final stretch, the cast and crew are focused on making sure that it ends on a satisfying note, especially considering how popular it is. But Fogelman recently floated the idea in an interview with Variety that the series can continue via a movie, which he has already pitched to NBC. But instead of simply continuing the storyline, it will tackle an alternate reality where Jack didn’t die. Read his full comment below:

“He then pitched an idea for a movie based around ‘what would have happened if Jack survived the fire.’ Moments later, he revealed, ‘the president of NBC is literally texting me right now: Yes to the movie.'”

This Is Us Creator Shares His Idea For Potential Movie After Series Ends
This Is Us Creator Shares His Idea For Potential Movie After Series Ends

While Fogelman claims that the movie is already approved, fans shouldn’t expect it to be official. Despite a reply from NBC’s president, there are still a lot of factors to sort before this proposed This Is Us movie pushes through. It doesn’t seem like Fogelman has an actual story, let alone script at this point since they’re busy wrapping up the series. So although the general premise of creating a film that centers on Jack’s survival, it could ultimately not push through. Even if it does, it might take years before it officially enters production since the cast of This Is Us has also other work lined up after the show.

Regardless of whether it will happen or not, this is actually an interesting idea. A lot of what’s happening in This Is Us’ present timeline has been motivated by the life and death of Jack. So, it’s curious how the Pearsons would behave had he survived the fire. Obviously, Rebecca and Miguel (Jon Huertas) wouldn’t be together, but other than that, it’s curious how it would affect the Big Three’s current arcs.


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