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An exploratory ship from Earth faces intergalactic challenges 400 years in the future.

Set 400 years in the future, the show follows the adventures of the Orville, a not-so-top-of-the-line exploratory ship in Earth’s interstellar Fleet. Facing cosmic challenges from without and within, this motley crew of space explorers will boldly go where no comedic drama has gone before.

Did You Know?

On the Captain’s desk is a Kermit the Frog toy. Seth MacFarlane is known to have an amazing Kermit impression, featured on occasion in “Family Guy” and in interviews.

Creator Seth MacFarlane is listed as sole writer on more than half of the 26 episodes that comprise the first two seasons. In Season One he wrote 8 of the 12 and in Season Two he wrote 6 out of the 14. Seth also directed 3 episodes in Season Two.

At least 30 actors who appear in The Orville have also acted in the Star Trek franchise, including: 1) Seth MacFarlane (Capt. Ed Mercer) played Ensign Rivers on two episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise 2) Penny Johnson Jerald (Dr Finn) played Kasidy Yates Sisko (Commander Sisko’s wife) on Deep Space Nine 3) Tim Russ (Dr Sherman) plays “Tuvok” in Star Trek: Voyager and numerous other Star Trek programs and video games. He also appeared as “Devor” in Star Trek: The Next Generation 4) Robert Picardo (Ildis Kitan) plays Dr Lewis Zimmerman in Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: First Contact, Star Trek: Renegades and various computer games 5) John Billinglsey (Cambis Borrin) plays Dr. Phlox on Star Trek: Enterprise 6) Steven Culp (Willks) played “Major Hayes” on Star Trek: Enterprise 7) John Fleck (Ambassador K.T.Z) played Silik, the shape shifting villain from Star Trek: Enterprise as well as various characters on Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: The Next Generation 8) James Horan (Sazeron) plays the futuristic “Humanoid Figure,” the villain of Star Trek: Enterprise, as well as providing voices for various Star Trek computer games 9) Scott Grimes (Lt Gordon Malloy) appeared as “Eric” in Star Trek The Next Generation 10) Molly Hagan (Drenala Kitan) appeared as “Eris” in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 11) Ron Canada (Admiral Tucker) appears as various characters in Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek” The Next Generation 12) J.Paul Boehmer (various characters) also appears as various characters on Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek Voyager 13) Jason Alexander (Olix) appears as “Kurros” on Star Trek: Voyager 14) Brian George (Dr. Aronov) appears as Ambassador O’Zaal in Star Trek: Voyager and as Richard Bashir in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 15) Brian Thompson (Drogen) played “Admiral Valdore” in several episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise and also appeared as various characters in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Generations 16) Robert Knepper (Hamelac) appears as “Gaul” in Star Trek: Voyager and as “Wyatt Miller” in Star Trek: The Next Generation 17) Joel Swetow (Ambassador Dmitri Gromyko) appears as various characters in Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as well as various Star Trek video games 18) Lamont Thompson (Kaybrak) appeared as an Alien Pilgrim on Star Trek: Enterprise 19) Wren T. Brown (Captain Rechik) appeared as Kohlar on Star Trek: Voyager and a transporter pilot on Star Trek: The Next Generation 20) John Rubinstein (Prefect) played various characters on Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: Voyager 21) Philp Anthony-Rodriguez (Fadolin) appeared as “Juan” in Star Trek: Enterprise 22) Derek Mears (the Bruidian Ambassador) appeared as an Orion Guard in Star Trek: Enterprise 23) Brett Rickaby (Lurenek) appeared as “Yedrin Koss” on Star Trek: Enterprise 24) JD Cullum (The Calivon Zoo Administrator) played “Toral” in Star Trek: The Next Generation 25) Loren Lester (Lewis) appeared as an Attendant in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 26) Robert Curtis (Chief Advisor Makkal) appeared as an ambassador in Star Trek: Voyager and as “Vedek Sorad” in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 27) Rico E. Anderson (the Moclan Doctor) plays various movie characters in Star Trek: Horizon, Star Trek: Renegades, and Star Trek (2009). 28) Stephen Blackehart (a Krill Officer) plays various characters in Star Trek: Enterprise and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 29) D. Elliot Woods (the Moclan Council Foreman) plays various characters in Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek Insurrection and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 30) Derek Graf who appeared in Episode 4 was a stuntman in Star Trek (2009)

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Somewhere between ST: TOS and TNG, fleet personnel became high-minded, super-moral, flawless beings… a picture of who we should be when we’re at our best, but not a true reflection of who we ARE. And then you remember how human TOS people were — bickering, flawed, sometimes racist or rude.

The Orville’s first episode is funny, but it’s not a parody. It puts people with personalities of friends and co-workers you already know and love (or hate) into roles they might actually have aspired to in the future. They’re a bit irreverent, unprofessional, perhaps a bit childish with a sense of office humor, drama, and politics. But, it’s not over the top.

It’s a little bit ST: Atlantis, a little bit Guardians of the Galaxy, a bit of Galaxy Quest, and a LOT of Star Trek. It’s not Shakespeare, but it’s fun, yet grounded. I’ve only seen the first episode, so no way to know where it will go. I recall the first episode of ST TNG was pretty rocky, and I think this is off to a better start. Give it a shot!

Once again the “professional” critics still think that even in the trying times we’re living in, we want everything to be dark and gritty. They are stuck in the 2000-2010 decade where everyone was floored by Christopher Nolan’s Batman performance and the Debut of “Walking Dead which ushered in the pop culture’s shift to a darker take on fiction.

The critics don’t understand those of us who want to go back to a universe where nobody has to work hard for food, shelter, water, and health. Everything you need is generated out of an abundance of energy, you can go wherever you want in the known galaxy, and there’s a sense of wonder, awe and adventure. We want a future where people aren’t mindless, humorless drones going about their day, a future where most of your energy and focus goes on the people you care about and an enrichment of your hobbies, skills, and knowledge, not the drudgery, fear, monotony, and negativity of everyday life. Star Trek fans have been hungering for a series like this since TNG ended in 1994. 23 years was far too long a time to wait, but the wait is finally over!

Aside from a pilot drinking a beer while flying, no interaction between the crew, no matter how crass or juvenile they get with each other, seemed to be all that much more unlikely than a normal interaction between co-workers. It makes the crew relatable and is not that hard to believe would be how humans in their situation would use humor to form bonds and diffuse stressful situations.

As this was the very first episode, there were some moments where improvements could have been made in dialogue or pacing, but overall it was a great show. Besides, it took Star Trek TNG more than a whole season before “growing a beard” and finding its stride.

Where is Alara?

Halston Sage (Alara Kitan) has left the show, most likely due to other work commitments. It is unlikely she will return, however, the Producers have left the door open for her.

Do the ergonomic chairs on the shuttle resemble the Scary Masks, or is that just me?

I have seen where people have said that they are gaming chairs that were used to make these. I am not sure. It you are saying the mask(s) from Scream then yes they do a bit.

Is there ever going to be a third season?

It is in the making and last information indicated that it would be aired late in 2020 on Hulu.

Seth MacFarlane + Creative Team of The Orville | Talks at Google

Seth Woodbury MacFarlane was born in the small New England town of Kent, Connecticut, where he lived with his mother, Ann Perry (Sager), an admissions office worker, his father, Ronald Milton MacFarlane, a prep school teacher, and his sister, Rachael MacFarlane, now a voice actress and singer. He is of English, Scottish, and Irish ancestry, and descends from Mayflower passengers.

Seth attended and studied animation at the Rhode Island School of Design and, after he graduated, he was hired by Hanna-Barbera Productions (Now called Cartoon Network Studios) working as an animator and writer on the TV series Johnny Bravo (1997) and Cow and Chicken (1995). He also worked for Walt Disney Animation as a writer on the TV series Jungle Cubs (1996). He created The Life of Larry (1995) which was originally supposed to be used as an in-between on MADtv (1995). Unfortunately the deal fell through but, a few months later, executives at FOX called him into their offices and gave him $50,000 to create a pilot for what would eventually become Family Guy (1999).

Since Family Guy’s debut, MacFarlane has gone on to create two other television shows-American Dad! (2005) and The Cleveland Show (2009). MacFarlane began to establish himself as an actor, voice actor, animator, writer, producer, director, comedian, and singer throughout his career. MacFarlane has also written, directed and starred in Ted (2012) and its sequel Ted 2 (2015), and A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014). He voiced the mouse, Mike, in the animated musical Sing (2016).

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