You’d expect Queen Elizabeth to rock some amazing costumes in The Crown, and she absolutely delivers – here are 10 hidden details you didn’t know.

While The Crown is about to premiere its third season, we’ve definitely fallen in love with the show over the past couple of years. Claire Foy plays Queen Elizabeth, and it’s safe to say she absolutely slayed this role through and through. While she isn’t returning for the next season, Olivia Colman will take over as the royal lady. In the past two seasons, we’ve seen a plethora of brilliant, stunning, and mesmerizing costumes. Sure, she’s the Queen, and her gowns and outfits absolutely blow us away. In case you’ve been wondering about these magnificent costumes, we’ve made a list. We’d also like to make a shout out to the brilliant Michele Clapton and Jane Petrie, who were the costume masterminds behind season 1 and 2 respectively. Here are 10 hidden details about the Queen’s costumes.

5/5 The Blue Dress As A Uniform

The Crown: 5 Hidden Details About Queen Elizabeth's Costume

She wore this during a tour following World War II, and it was important to show herself as strong and powerful on Downing Street. Thus, this high-buttoned dress is actually meant to reflect a military uniform or a man’s suit. It’s formal, and it’s not feminine or sentimental, but it’s meant to show power and strength for her position and for the veterans following the war. This dress it the female equivalent of a uniform, and this was definitely done on purpose.

4/5 Her Dark, Plain, Modest Clothes

The Crown: 5 Hidden Details About Queen Elizabeth's Costume

Elizabeth is a woman with a lot of power in a world full of men, and usually, older men. Whenever she’s meeting with these men, or Elizabeth is in an important political meeting, you’ll likely find her in a modest dress with a cardigan or shawl, and they’re probably dark colored or have one tone. The costume designer describes this as her uniform, to show that she is the Queen, and that it is her job, and that she takes her role seriously. Oh, and that these men should know she does, too.

3/5 She Contrasts Margaret In Almost Every Scene

The Crown: 5 Hidden Details About Queen Elizabeth's Costume

If there’s a scene with both of these brilliant and fiery women, you can bet that the colors they’re wearing are polar opposite. If Margaret is down, she’ll be dark, and Elizabeth will be light. This also changes as the series progresses, especially when Elizabeth is gaining her place and Margaret feels lost. Their outfits almost always contrast each other, and of course, it’s to represent the stark contrast between these two women.

2/5 Her Clothing Away From The Castle/h4>

The Crown: 5 Hidden Details About Queen Elizabeth's Costume

Whether it is at her place in Scotland, on a safari with her husband, or even alone with her mother and children, you’ll notice there’s a lot more variety to what the Queen will wear. In fact, she even wears jeans on one occasion. When she’s away from the castle, Elizabeth’s wardrobe is almost completely different. There’s more color and boldness, which is meant to represent Elizabeth being free and being herself. When she’s the “Queen,” and at the castle, she’ll revert to simple, elegant, and plain colors, to show her authority and dedication to her duty.

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1/5 Her Gowns Become More Defiant And Bold

The Crown: 5 Hidden Details About Queen Elizabeth's Costume

From the beginning of season 1 to the end of season 2, you can see a pretty clear change in the types of gowns the Queen wears. She starts subtle, modest, and simple, to represent her uneasiness and hesitance to the role. However, as she begins to feel more comfortable and gains her footing, she wears bold outfits with eccentric and defiant accessories. She has embraced her role as Queen. Yes, we’re talking about this fur overcoat.

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