Supernatural is full of characters with ever-changing loyalties. We look at whose shifting allegiances affected the show the most.

Over the course of 15 years, Supernatural has featured a huge number of supporting characters. Although the focus has always been on Sam and Dean Winchester (and occasionally Castiel), every guest star and recurring character managed to get a chance to shine, regardless of whether they were friend or foe.

Some of the best character arcs in the series were when an individual would switch sides. This change could be sudden or gradual but it was always interesting to watch unfold. The best part was that it was interchangeable; good people could turn bad and vice versa. So, here are 5 friends turned enemies, and 5 enemies turned allies.

5/5 Balthazar

Supernatural: 5 Enemies Who Befriended

Balthazar was a bit of a complicated character but he was very entertaining, so it was a shame that he only lasted for a handful of episodes. He and Castiel used to be close personal friends but Balthazar eventually faked his own death and stole a bunch of weapons from Heaven to protect himself against the civil war between Castiel and Raphael.

When he first encountered the Winchesters, he played a slightly antagonistic role, as he had collected the soul of a young boy in exchange for one of the weapons. He initially refused to give back the soul, until Sam and Dean trapped him. However, Balthazar also assisted the Winchesters multiple times, such as siding with them against Cas.

4/5 Amara AKA The Darkness

Supernatural: 5 Enemies Who Befriended

With a name like the Darkness, you know this Goddess isn’t messing around. Amara is actually God’s sister, although who created them and how exactly they’re related to each other is still a mystery. Back in Season 11 when God was seen as the representative of light, Amara represented the dark, and was annoyed with her brother for loving his own creation.

When Dean released her from her prison that she had been placed in by God and Lucifer, Amara proceeded to learn about the world, as well as form a close connection with Dean. It was this connection that helped she and God reconcile, as well as thanking Dean by resurrecting his mother.

3/5 Rowena

Supernatural: 5 Enemies Who Befriended

Rowena is one of the newer individuals on this list, but that just proves that even in old age, Supernatural can still produce complex and well written characters. First introduced in Season 10, Rowena was an incredibly powerful witch, and often hid her less than desirable intentions behind her cheeky sense of humor.

Rowena was more of an anti-hero than an enemy to the Winchesters but she was still fairly antagonistic towards them for the majority of her time on the show. However, in the later seasons, she and Sam struck up an awkward friendship due to both of them knowing what it was like to have been tortured by Lucifer and to feel that fear.

2/5 Meg

Supernatural: 5 Enemies Who Befriended

Meg was a demon who was introduced to the series way back in Season 1 and she possessed the body of a young woman called Meg Masters. She initially befriended Sam but this was all just a ruse. For the remainder of the season, she acted as an antagonist to the Winchesters until they exorcised her from her host body.

Meg returned briefly in Season 2 and then properly in Season 5 with a brand new body. This new Meg started off just as evil as the original. However, the various precarious situations she was placed in caused her to gradually become an ally of the Winchesters, and she even formed a weird sort of bond with Castiel before her death.

Supernatural Kills Off A Character Everybody Thought Would Return

1/5 Crowley

Supernatural: 5 Enemies Who Befriended

Crowley was yet another character that had a huge impact on the audience. He was a very popular villain and he stuck around for a respectable 8 seasons before he killed himself to trap Lucifer. Originally, despite his status as a demon, and a powerful one at that, Crowley acted as an ally of sorts towards the Winchesters, helping them take down Lucifer.

However, after the Devil was defeated, Crowley was revealed to have his own agenda and spent several seasons plotting against the Winchesters. Gradually though, he came to develop a grudging respect for them, particularly Dean, and, after some persuasion, usually ended up helping them with minimal gain for himself.

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