Season 4 of Lucifer has finally kicked into production and with this new start comes some bits and pieces of information about the series’ next chapter. We’ve learned that the premiere episode will be titled “Everything’s Okay,” and we also know that the series will examine the fallout of its big cliffhangers, from Chloe finding out that Lucifer is the real Devil to Dan blaming him for Charlotte’s death. Plus, on top of all that, it was recently announced that actress Inbar Lavi would be joining the cast of the series as Eve, the first human to ever commit sin.

Clearly, Lucifer will already have quite a lot to deal with when it returns of Netflix — but that’s not all. During a recent session of answering fan questions, television news outlet TVLine revealed a surprise bombshell regarding Season 4 of the show: “Someone’s having a baby!” While they wouldn’t reveal who on Lucifer will be bearing a child, we can’t help but wonder… who could it be? While there are many possibilities, we have it narrowed to three likely suspects.


Lucifer: Someone Is In Season 4 - But Who?

We may not know anything about Lucifer’s take on Eve, but it’s safe to assume that her mere presence will lead to all sorts of trouble. Could it be that that trouble will come in the form of a baby bump? After all, Eve’s original sin was to bite the proverbial apple of the Garden of Eden, something that’s been theorized to be a euphemism for sleeping with Lucifer.

Now, that night of passion must have been quite a long time ago, but we also don’t know where Eve has been all this time. Perhaps celestial pregnancies take a long time to cook? What’s more, the prospect of having a child could be an interesting story arc for Lucifer, who has wrestled with the will of his Father for a very, very long time. Finding himself in the position of father could send the character on a path to change.


Lucifer: Someone Is In Season 4 - But Who?

Maze is a complicated character. She’s a demon, and she loves to hurt people who deserve it, but she also has a soft spot for a few humans. Which humans, exactly? Mainly, Trixie Espinoza, the daughter of her friend, police detective Chloe Decker. Trixie is the only character who has been able to truly pierce through Maze’s armor.

Knowing this, it would certainly be interesting to see Maze face the prospect of motherhood. She may be a demon, but that doesn’t mean she can’t bear a child and care for it. This would certainly be a different story arc for Maze, one that might even lead to her questioning the dangerous situations she always finds herself in.

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Lucifer: Someone Is In Season 4 - But Who?

Dr. Linda Martin has been Lucifer’s psychiatrist ever since the series’ first episode. Over time, she has grown into a trusted friend and someone everyone on the series can depend on. Other than a storyline involving a relationship with Amenadiel, Linda hasn’t had many story arcs revolving around her. A pregnancy could change all of that, and change the status quo of her relationship with Lucifer.

We have no trouble imagining Lucifer intruding into every moment of Linda’s pregnancy, and fancying himself a surrogate father for the baby. It could, ultimately, be both hilarious and heartwarming.

No matter who ends up being pregnant, it sure looks like, one way or another, it will affect Lucifer on a personal level.