With Lucifer ending with its upcoming fifth season, it’s time to take a look at Lucy and Amenadiel’s best moments in the series.

One of the core relationships in the Vertigo drama Lucifer, the story about the Devil himself, is Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) dynamic with his angelic brother Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside). Throughout the last four seasons of the series, the two brothers have had an incredibly complex brotherhood. It all began with Amenadiel being sent to return Lucifer to hell to continue as its ruler.

Portrayed as the responsible brother, Amenadiel has to put up with his sibling who is a handful in more ways than one. As the series has progressed, so has their relationship as brothers. With the fifth and final season coming to Netflix, the time has come to take a trip down memory lane. Since the two brothers have gone through so much, these are some of their best moments together on Lucifer. Disclaimer: If you haven’t watched Season 4, there will be spoilers.

Their Very First Scene (Pilot)

Lucifer: Amenadiel & Lucy's Best Moments

Call us a sucker for pilots, but one of their best moments was when their power dynamic was first introduced in the series. Within the first couple of minutes at LUX, Amenadiel shows up to inform Lucifer that he needs to return to the Underworld to continue to serve as the domain’s ruler. But Lucifer with his iconic charm couldn’t care less and shrugs it off as he has no interest in returning to Hell.

There is also the encounter at the end of the pilot to consider. This is where it’s made very clear this relationship is destined to bring trouble, as Amenadiel makes it clear that he won’t stop until Lucifer is back in Hell.

Angelic Duo (Wingman)

Lucifer: Amenadiel & Lucy's Best Moments

In the seventh episode of Season 1, Lucifer hits a bit of a snag when his wings are stolen. Reluctantly, he goes to ask for help from Amenadiel, who isn’t thrilled to hear about this turn of events. Humanity simply can’t handle something so divine and he agrees to help his brother. Things get even more hilarious when the duo discovers that the wings are being auctioned off.

Trying to deal with the auction host, Amenadiel lets his angelic ego get to him as he isn’t afraid of guns being aimed at him. However, the brothers go through a setback when Lucifer admits that he can actually be hurt.

Brotherly Crash (#TeamLucifer)

Lucifer: Amenadiel & Lucy's Best Moments

Even if they are family, who doesn’t love themselves a good old fight between two angelic brothers? That is what goes down in the twelfth episode of the first season after Amenadiel had been up to no good. How messed up must it be to find out that your brother resurrected a corrupted police officer from Hell just to have said cop kill you so you get sent back to Hell?

As everything comes to the surface, the two brothers have one heck of a showdown at Lucifer’s place. Believe it or not, this is definitely one of their best moments because it leads to one of their best episodes.

Angels Vs Therapy (Take Me Back To Hell)

Following their clash in “#TeamLucifer,” the season 1 finale puts Amenadiel in a very bad seat. After having posed as a fellow therapist to Dr. Linda Martin (Rachel Harris), his cover is a bust when she finds out that he and Lucifer are actually brothers. Thinking that he was trying to steal her patient, Lucifer and Amenadiel literally go to therapy, with Linda having to witness their relationship.

The idea of seeing beings as divine as angels in therapy is already hilarious, but these two are made all that more relatable by seeing the siblings argue like regular humans.

Angels Vs Bad Guys (Take Me Back To Hell)

Amenadiel and Lucifer are on a roll in the season 1 finale, with fans even getting to watch them in action against a group of gunmen. As they keep looking for Malcolm, they get themselves into one of the show’s greatest fight sequences.

In general, their interactions throughout this episode are a genuine blast to watch. While the previous entry brought the laughs, this fight scene highlights the powerhouses that are Amenadiel and Lucifer.