That decision was probably for the better, allowing the show to separate itself from the comics just enough so it wasn’t a disappointing clone.

As with many comic-to-television adaptations, Lucifer plays fast and loose with the source material. That decision was probably for the better, allowing the show to separate itself from the comics just enough so it wasn’t a disappointing clone, but keeping the lore and presenting it in an easily digestible way. But that comes with some unforeseen sacrifices, including axing a lot of the comic book characters without time to introduce them.

While we were able to get Remiel and Uriel to join the bunch, there’s still a plethora the show leaves out. And with Lucifer’s appearance in the Crisis on Infinite Earths television special, there’s no excuse not to branch out into the far reaches of the DC (and the late Vertigo) universe. Here are 10 characters from the Lucifer comics that the show leaves out.

5/5 Lilith


Beautiful, perfect Lilith! Also known as the Mother of Demons, Lilith was Adam’s first wife. In the comics, after being rejected by Adam, she goes on to sleep with all of the angels and gives birth to the first demons.

Turns out the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, though Maze never churned out any demon babies (though she totally adopted Trixie). We’ve already been teased by the cast and crew that Lilith will make an appearance in Season 5, so there’s still hope for 2020.

4/5 Meleos


The artistic one in the family of angels, Meleos is the creator of the Basanos tarot deck. He created it after seeing the Book of Souls from the Endless (Destiny, specifically), and almost instantly had regrets. Despite living amongst humanity and minding his business in his magical library, he’s pretty dang cruel.

At one point, he has a hand in saving Lucifer’s life just so he could lord it over Lucifer’s head. In the end, he sort of ends up doing the right thing, but would probably create something just as (if not more) devastating as the Basanos.

3/5 Izanami


Pulled from Shintoism, Izanami is the Japanese goddess of creation and death. Her roots cross a bit more clearly into the larger DC universe as she once tried to mind-control Superman. On the Vertigo side, she had a child (Takehiko) with Lucifer and in true evil-adjacent fashion, tried to take over Hell with her son.

However, Mazikeen is more than just a little demon and she not only holds the throne, but sentences Izanami and Takehiko to eternal damnation.

2/5 Gabriel


Ok everyone, we’ve got a slim chance of this happening. Thanks to the massive Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, Lucifer and John Constantine finally got to interact. So if Constantine exists in Lucifer’s multiverse (or vice versa), maybe Gabriel could pop up?

Though it would be a bit pointless since Amenadiel sort of fulfilled Gabriel’s story. In the comics, Gabriel sins so hard that God tosses Gabriel out of Heaven as a mortal. Nice going, Constantine. Way to reign in that sweet, sweet vengeance.

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1/5 Azazel


Also introduced in The Sandman, Azazel once ruled Hell alongside Lucifer and Beelzebub. After Lucifer retires to Earth – and formally does so in the comics, he gets a letter from God and everything – Azazel attempts to seize full control of Hell from Morpheus. It goes even farther south for Azazel, ending with him trapped in a jar.

Considering a version of Neil Gaiman’s Lucifer and Beelzebub have made TV appearances on Netflix and Amazon Prime respectively, is it time to bring the trifecta together? Seriously, someone should just greenlight a giant Neil Gaiman crossover universe.