Another Sunday, another lovely episode of Heartland. This one featured some new faces and ones that we haven’t seen in a while. As well as a callback to the moment that led Amy and Ty to get back together and get married at the end of season 8. So without further ado, here is the review for Heartland season 12 episode 2.

A new home

The main storyline of Heartland season 12 episode 2 revolved around the same mare and foal that we got to know in the season premiere. But while in episode 1 we saw Amy and Ty nurse the two back to health, on this episode it was all about finding the duo a new home.

At the beginning of the episode, we saw the mare and foal break out of the paddock they were in and make a run for it. Only to get tangled up in some barbwire. And as it turns out, this wasn’t the first time that it had happened. So Amy and Ty needed to figure out what to do with the horses before they seriously injure themselves. Luckily, there was a solution. Get another herd of wild horses to adopt the mare and her foal. And Jack had just the herd in mind.

Do you remember the herd of wild horses that Amy and Ty helped to save in season 8 episodes 9 and 10? That’s the same herd that they are hoping to mix the mare and foal with this episode. But of course, being that it is a wild herd, things didn’t quite go as smooth as Amy and Ty wanted them to go.

Fortunately, they had Will Vernon and Jack to help them out, since Jack tagged along to visit his old friend. So Amy worked some of her miracle girl magic. And at the end they managed to get the wildies to accept the mare and the foal into their herd and Amy, Ty and Jack returned home from Pike River leaving Will with two more mouths to feed.

On the hunt for a new coach

Meanwhile back in Heartland Georgie was hard at work trying to impress a new jumping coach.

With Lyndy and their new business Amy didn’t have as much time to coach Georgie as they both wanted to. So when Georgie heard that one of the best show jumping coaches around Kim Price had an opening, she jumped at the chance. And to her surprise, Kim was very interested in coaching Georgie, having followed Georgie’s jumping career. There was just one obstacle. Kim was hesitant to coach Georgie on Phoenix.

However, after everything that happened to Georgie last season, she didn’t even entertain the thought that she and Phoenix might not compete together. So she made a deal with Kim. Georgie and Phoenix had to match Kim’s time on the course. And if Georgie manages to pull that off then Kim has to agree to coach Georgie and Phoenix as a team. But, of course, it was easier said than done since Kim’s time was only 56 seconds.

Yet that didn’t stop Georgie from going after what she wants. And with some encouraging words from her mom, Georgie showed Kim what she and Phoenix are capable of, coming only a second short of Kim’s time. Luckily, Kim decided that it was good enough time and took Georgie on as her trainee. And even Amy, who initially and understandably was a bit down about the fact that Georgie is shopping for a new coach commended Georgie on her success and told her that it was the right move if Georgie wants to someday compete in the Olympics.

So it looks like in the future episodes of Heartland season 12 we will Georgie train outside of Heartland. And Amy will finally have more time to focus her family and their new business.

Trouble in paradise

While the third big storyline of Heartland season 12 episode 2 was all about Jack and Lisa. And sadly, it wasn’t of the happy variety.

At the very end of the previous episode, we saw Lisa get a phone call from Aunt Evelyn, who asked Lisa to join her in Istanbul. And in this episode, Lisa finally told Jack about that call. As well as was trying to figure out what she should do about it. Jack, of course, was against Lisa going, saying that Evelyn is probably manipulating Lisa into going by claiming that she’s sick and heartbroken. However, Lisa wasn’t so sure that it was all a manipulation and wanted to go. Which didn’t sit well with Heartland’s patriarch.

So they got into an argument and Jack made a snap decision to join Amy and Ty on their trip to Pike River. And the fact that Tim was getting on Jack’s nerves by suddenly moving into the ranch house didn’t help the matter either.

But it’s good that Jack has such great friends. Because while in Pike River Will managed to not only invite himself to Jack’s cabin for a long-overdue fishing trip but also talk some sense into Jack. Which finally made Jack realize how stubborn he was being about the whole Evelyn thing. So, in the end, Jack admitted that he was wrong, saw Lisa off to the airport with the sweetest goodbye ever and all was well in the Heartland’s cornerstone couple’s life again. And hopefully, it will stay that way even with Lisa away in Istanbul.
Last thoughts on Heartland season 12 episode 2

Finally, I have to also mention Lou and Tim’s struggles this episode. Because they, much like Amy and Ty and Jack and Lisa’s arcs this episode, were also a continuation from episode 1.

Lou found herself having to put on a happy face for Mitch who questioned whether she was really okay with him dating again. While Tim decided not to propose to Casey after all. And the two had a nice father-daughter chat at the end of the episode which saw the tight bond that Lou and Tim have shine through.

Finally, can I just iterate how good these two newest Heartland episodes have been? From character arcs and storytelling to cinematography and sound this season is off to an amazing start. And let’s hope it will stay that way all throughout this twelfth season of Heartland.