In Justice League #63, Batman talks to Green Arrow about funding the Hall of Justice and Oliver’s answer proves that he’s a better billionaire.

In Justice League #63, Green Arrow proves that he’s a smarter billionaire than Batman. Bruce Wayne has always been known as one of DC’s wealthiest characters. For generations, Batman has always been depicted as the richest hero, especially in the Justice League. Fans have often speculated that Batman’s one true power is his money, overshadowing his melee abilities. However, DC doesn’t have just one billionaire. Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow is another hero who normally isn’t far behind Batman in terms of wealth.

However, Batman isn’t a billionaire anymore. Joker War completely deprived Bruce Wayne of his fortune, leaving Oliver Queen as DC’s richest superhero. This was referenced in Infinite Frontier #0 where Green Arrow confirmed that he had surpassed Batman’s richness. Additionally, Green Arrow has found new prominence within the Justice League as the team’s bankroller. With Joker leaving Batman without the billions he had been used to, someone was bound to take over and what better person to step in than Green Arrow, who has already proven his maturity.

In Justice League #63 by Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez, and Ivan Plascencia, Green Arrow asks Batman to keep an eye on him when it comes to funding the Hall of Justice. He wants the Dark Knight to keep him in check and to step in if he sees something he doesn’t like. This is a move that Bruce would have never considered, not even in his wildest dreams. Oliver does this to make sure that he doesn’t step in the wrong direction, in terms of funding the Justice League and their activities. He asks Bruce because he trusts him as a friend, but also he respects the work he’s put in, in the past.

Green Arrow Proves He's a Better Billionaire Than Batman
Green Arrow Proves He’s a Better Billionaire Than Batman

It shows that Green Arrow is a lot more aware of his financial power than Bruce. He knows that the way he spends his money is important and mustn’t be overlooked. Additionally, he knows that Bruce had his own ways of funding the League and he realizes that his insight could be useful. For Batman, the transition from being DC’s richest billionaire to being worth nothing must have hurt him bad. But by including Bruce, Oliver is softening the blow. Green Arrow’s act shows that he trusts other people to monitor him and he values being constrained. Having that much money must be tempting to spend on anything and everything, but having someone watching over is presumably a big benefit.

It shows a lot of maturity, proving that Green Arrow is a better billionaire than Batman. Perhaps if someone had assisted Bruce before, he could have prevented his money from being drained. Naturally, advice from others is of key importance. With such a small act as this, Green Arrow has gained further respect from Batman. For the next year or so, it looks like Green Arrow will be retaining his title of DC’s richest hero. However, there’s a chance that Batman makes back his billions. When the time comes, perhaps he will take a page out of Green Arrow’s notebook to become a better billionaire.


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