The Good Witch’s season 7 velvet bag mystery should involve all the Merriwick women, meaning it’s time for Grace to pay a return visit to Middleton.

She’s been away at college for two years, but Grace Russell coming for a visit to Middleton is just what the Good Witch season 7 needs. While her stepbrother Nick has made trips home from college, Grace has not been seen in Middleton since season 5. Her return would bring an exciting layer of intrigue to the ongoing Merriwick velvet bag mystery.

Actress Bailee Madison departed the Good Witch after Grace’s high school graduation in the season 5 finale, with Grace leaving Middleton to attend college at her mother’s alma mater, Wellingsley. Fans of the show watched Madison grow as Grace from the awkward teenager in 2015 into the self-assured young woman and budding fashion designer in 2019. Madison left the show to pursue other projects with the door for a return visit wide open.

Advance promotional spots for the Good Witch season 7 teases that this season’s magical happenings will be a family affair with the key mystery centering on the series’ leading Merriwick women: Cassie, Abigail, and newcomer, Joy. Each of them received a purple velvet bag of soil at the end of season 6, and season 7 opened several months later with them still stumped as to who sent the bags and why. They did get their first clue with the apparent revelation that George left the bags to fulfill a promise to an unknown individual. However, there is another Merriwick woman not so far away who could also be involved in the mystery, and that’s Grace.

"Good Witch: Why Grace's Return Would Make The Story Better "
“Good Witch: Why Grace’s Return Would Make The Story Better ”

As close as Cassie and Grace have been portrayed to be in previous seasons, it does seem odd that Cassie has not wondered if Grace received a bag, too. Other Good Witch promotion has indicated that Cassie’s gifts may be off-kilter when it comes to family this season and having the reason for that being her concern over her daughter’s involvement in the velvet bag mystery would make perfect sense. It would be a fun twist that instead of playing off a Charmed riff of the power of three featuring Cassie, Abigail, and Joy, the show brings Grace home to help solve the mystery. While it is unlikely that Madison will return to the show for a multi-episode arc, so much could be done with her making a one- or two-episode guest appearance to assist her family’s investigation. The magic of four Merriwick women, in addition to being a fun event for viewers, could easily unlock the curious mystery.

The velvet bag mystery has the special gifts of Cassie, Abigail and Joy stumped thus far, and Grace’s special gifts could be a welcome fresh perspective. Grace has also been shown in past seasons to be the best detective in the family, playing a significant role in unraveling mysteries. She showed a great talent for detective work much like television’s great detectives such as Columbo or Jessica Fletcher. After all, it was Grace who put together the clues and solved the mystery of the missing page of the Perriwood prophecy in season 4’s “Spellbound,” and it was also Grace’s sleuthing that discovered the truth about Martha’s Endicott ancestors also in season 4, “Till Death Do Us Part.”

Grace’s return to Middleton on the Good Witch to help her mother and cousins would be a satisfying twist for this season’s velvet bag mystery. A visit from Grace is the perfect way for the show to raise the stakes around solving the mystery, a la Murder, She Wrote, as soon as possible. Her reappearance would also be a fun catalyst to move the mystery along, while simultaneously giving Bailee Madison and Grace Russell fans an opportunity to catch up with the much-missed character.


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