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Buy DVD UK: Westworld Season 1 and 2

DVD Details

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 6
  • Genre: Science Fiction,Western,Thriller
  • Starring: Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood
  • Studio: HBO
  • Release Date: 2019

What’s it about

S1, Ep1
3 Oct. 2016 The Original
The park staff begin to notice strange behavior from the hosts; A mysterious Man in Black roams the park, wreaking havoc.

S1, Ep2
20 Oct. 2016 Chestnut
Two guests arrive at the park with different expectations; Maeve’s emotions are tweaked; The Man in Black seeks help from a condemned man.

S1, Ep3
27 Oct. 2016 The Stray
Elsie and Stubbs search for a missing host; Teddy gets a new backstory; Bernard investigates the origins of madness and hallucinations within the hosts.

S1, Ep4
3 Nov. 2016 Dissonance Theory
Dolores joins William and Logan on a bounty hunt; The Man in Black makes a significant discovery; Ford and Theresa discuss the park’s future.

S1, Ep5
10 Nov. 2016 Contrapasso
Dolores, William and Logan reach Pariah, and are recruited for a dangerous mission; The Man in Black meets an unlikely ally.

S1, Ep6
17 Nov. 2016 The Adversary
Maeve charms Felix; Elsie discovers evidence that could point to sabotage; Teddy and the Man in Black conflict with a garrison.

S1, Ep7
24 Nov. 2016 Trompe L’Oeil
Dolores, William and Lawrence journey into treacherous terrain; Maeve presents her demand; Bernard considers his next move.

S1, Ep8
1 Dec. 2016 Trace Decay
Bernard struggles with a mandate; Teddy is troubled by dark memories; Maeve looks to change her script.

S1, Ep9
8 Dec. 2016 The Well-Tempered Clavier
Dolores and Bernard reconnect with their pasts; Maeve makes a bold proposition to Hector; Teddy finds enlightenment, at a price.

S1, Ep10
15 Dec. 2016 The Bicameral Mind
Ford unveils his bold new narrative; Dolores embraces her identity; Maeve sets her plan in motion.

S2, Ep1
22 Apr. 2018 Journey into Night
The hosts revolt against the guests while searching for a new purpose; Maeve sets out to find her daughter with some unexpected help.

S2, Ep2
29 Apr. 2018 Reunion
Dolores remembers she’s been to the outside world; William makes a bold business venture.

S2, Ep3
6 May 2018 Virt¨´ e Fortuna
Dolores makes her next move; Charlotte scrambles to protect Delos’ most prized asset; Bernard gets closer to the truth.

S2, Ep4
13 May 2018 The Riddle of the Sphinx
An enigmatic figure becomes the center of Delos’ secret project; The Man in Black and Lawrence follow the path to Las Mudas, but run into trouble.

S2, Ep5
20 May 2018 Akane no Mai
Maeve and her allies have revelations in a new world; Dolores makes a decision about Teddy; Karl discovers something sinister about the hosts.

S2, Ep6
27 May 2018 Phase Space
Maeve continues her search for her daughter; Dolores calculates her next move; Elsie gets closer to the truth about Delos.

S2, Ep7
3 Jun. 2018 Les ¨¦corch¨¦s
Bernard meets with an unexpected old friend; The Cradle is under threat; Maeve encounters a scene from her past.

S2, Ep8
10 Jun. 2018 Kiksuya
The telling of Akecheta and the Ghost Nation’s journey to consciousness; Maeve’s life hangs in the balance.

S2, Ep9
17 Jun. 2018 Vanishing Point
The Man in Black confronts his troubled past; Charlotte forms a plan to kill all the hosts.

S2, Ep10
24 Jun. 2018 The Passenger
Everyone converges at the Valley Beyond.


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