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Buy DVD UK: The Pallisers: 40th Anniversary Edition

DVD Details

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 8
  • Genre: Costume Drama
  • Starring: Susan Hampshire, Philip Latham, Jeremy Irons, Derek Jacobi, Anthony Andrews
  • Studio: ACORN MEDIA
  • Release Date: 2018

What’s it about

One of the most popular series ever seen on public television, this sprawling BBC saga follows an aristocratic dynasty through 20 years of wealth, passion, scandal, and high society in Victorian England. Based on Anthony Trollope’s novels, set in palatial country homes and London salons, it stars Emmy winner Susan Hampshire as Glencora and begins with her forced marriage to Plantagenet (Philip Latham, Number 10). With Derek Jacobi, Penelope Keith, Anthony Andrews, and Jeremy Irons. 26 episodes, over 22 hrs, 8 DVDs, SDH.

This is a fine adaptation of six of my favorite Trollope novels and I’ve always loved it since it was first broadcast. In addition to an intelligent script it has many outstanding actors, including, just for example, Susan Hampshire and Jeremy Irons, and sumptuous sets. They don’t make television series like this any more. Nobody has the money for it.

I bought the original set of 12 DVD’s many years ago. In recent years my hearing has declined to the point where I can’t always understand what the characters are saying, which makes it hard to enjoy watching them. I was delighted when Acorn Media recently released this new set of DVD’s that includes subtitles, and I ordered it in advance from Amazon.

I’m happy to say that the new set is exactly as advertised. It’s all here; the only difference is the addition of English subtitles that can be turned on or off. The disks include a disclaimer apologizing for any lapses in picture or sound quality which may be caused by the age of the original material. In my opinion the disclaimer is entirely unnecessary; the picture and sound are perfect.

Think Pallisers as the parent of Downton Abbey. It’s been 40 years since this drama first exposed TV to the delightful mix of British history, aristocracy, salivating costumes and sets, romance, and elegant despicableness, all within a series that offers characters so well defined and portrayed that they become both personal friend and foe, depending upon the scene. If you have never viewed The Pallisers, now is the opportunity to have the entire series upgraded.

What’s new after 40 years? Fortunately no one messed with the content. It is 70s BBC. Being a period drama, props, sets and costumes could not be improved upon even in modern production times. The acting is stellar, another reason it was such a long-lasting hit. Watching after 40 years is as nostalgic as the content of the period portrayed.

SDH SUBTITLES are now available for those needing them. The packaging has diminished 85% (26 episodes on 8 discs in a 1-inch case). The price is a fraction of the original. Over 22 hrs, do the math; it’s a value for period pomp & pageantry.

NAME DROPPING series. Many who appeared in the series are so well known they need no introduction.
Susan Hampshire is co-protagonist Lady Palliser with her sparkle that never dulls as she ages through the 20 year saga of the Victorian dynasty.
Philip Latham is perfection as statuesque proper politician Plantagenet Palliser who would become Duke.
Jeremy Irons; Derek Jacobi; Peter Vaughan; Penelope Keith; Anthony Andrews…
Anthony Trollope wrote the 6 adapted novels from 1865-1880. The series followed the books in about equal amounts. It’s difficult to improve upon the greatness of Trollope.

HISTORY becomes visual as the family life is filmed secretly from within the manor walls during Queen Victoria heydays of reign, and Palliser’s rise in the British Parliamentary ranks. It depicts the era when snooty was snappy. Dynasty decorum was devilishly delicious. When scandal was scintillating.

It truly is like Downton Abbey, in that no matter how many times you view it, new facets are enjoyed. Upstairs, Downstairs and Brideshead Revisited are other period series comparables. There is just too much cinematography excellence to capture the visuals at once. Too much artistry dialogue to muster into consciousness immediately. Too much emotion to experience simultaneously without heart failure.
The reasons why THE PALLISERS is on my list of TOP TV SERIES OF BRITAIN’S CENTURY.
If you have read this far you probably understand I really, really like this series.


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