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Buy DVD UK: The Outer Limits Season 2

DVD Details

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 5
  • Genre: Science Fiction,Horror & Thriller,Dark Fantasy,Mystery Thriller
  • Starring: William Shatner, Adam West, Robert Duvall, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Culp
  • Studio: KL Studio Classics,ABC
  • Release Date: 2019

What’s it about

At least 17 men have been executed in the last two decades without a clear motive, with the same gun. FBI Special Agent Jamie Pratt has to find how some of those murders were carried out when the gun had not yet been made. In a post-human dystopian future, an android class society ruled by ruthless sentries has developed. A rebellious android scientist and his assistant clone a human to lead an uprising and repopulate Earth. Howard and Joanne Sharp are expecting a baby and are considering the possibility of black-market genetic enhancement which will result in a perfect baby or a 1 in 10,000 of creating a monster. But what do their neighbors keep in the basement? A reporter hears a strange man talking over his phone about the “removal” of a controversial author. Despite official objections, she finds herself in a deadly game with people with violet eyes and corpses that are reduced to a violet ash.

A doctor uses a virtual reality A.I. device that gives him direct access inside the human mind to enter the mind of a colleague he deeply cares about and help her after she’s hit by a car and slips into a coma. Things go horribly wrong. After memories of an alien abduction, Eddie Wexler finds himself at an institute where the staff makes patients with similar memories relive their experiences. Are the patients paranoid, or is the institute infiltrated by aliens? As Norman Glass celebrates his first wedding anniversary, he must struggle with the strange, growing revulsion that he feels when he touches, smells, tastes or sees his stunningly beautiful and talented wife Ady. Two students discover an academy with an outstanding reputation for taming youthful rebellion is using brain implants to create political assassins.

The newly inaugurated President of the United States must deal with an approaching alien fleet of spaceships and determine whether to welcome them or destroy them, based on limited information. An astronaut who was missing for 20 years contacts Earth from an alien planet. However, mere minutes have passed for him, and the wormhole that brought him there is unstable. What are the risks of a rescue operation? A man walking through a snow storm suddenly finds himself at a refuge. They tell him that the entire world is covered in ice. Just as he begins to fall in love with someone, the people’s personalities suddenly change. What’s happening? When Professor Stanley Hurst sees the moon suddenly shine brightly, he concludes that something must have happened to the sun. If it’s gone nova, it means the end of the world. It’s the middle of the night and few people know what’s happened. He decides to contact Leslie, a woman he has known for many years – she runs a local bookstore he frequents – and ask her out for coffee. She thinks he’s crazy but goes along.

He’s been in love with her for a long while and never had the nerve to ask her out, let alone tell her how he felt. Now he has only a few hours to make up … A town gets possessed after a dinosaur skeleton that hides ancient parasites that affect the brain and cause madness is unearthed. The only hope is an immune mentally challenged boy who must learn how to destroy them. While expecting a shipment of missiles, the militia receive a sealed cargo and messenger refusing to reveal what the deadly cargo is. Shortly afterward, an alien life-form begins a series of chilling attacks. In lieu of execution, Linden Stiles submits to a military experiment where he is injected with alien DNA. Fighting to retain his humanity, he finds himself hunted after he escapes using his new found super human strength. After Earth is conquered by aliens and humans are programmed to be slaves, the human slave of the alien leader is kidnapped and deprogrammed by rebels. The slave assassinates his owner, with disastrous results. Dr. Christina Markham’s mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. When three apparently healthy young women age and die within hours, the Markhams are baffled and frightened. The solution comes after the older patients vanish. Former POW John Skokes, a chief weapons officer and a glory seeking cadet obsessed with the poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade” try to drop a doomsday weapon on the aliens’ homeworld and win the war. Fading pop singer Melissa McCammon is about to commit suicide but Rachel, an ardent fan from the future, wants to save her. Later the authorities show up from the future want Melissa dead to restore the timeline. Rebecca Warfield escapes from her body during a scientific experiment, but, due to the meddling of her assistant, she is now trapped and must find a way to communicate with her associates. Trevor McPhee wants to celebrate New Year’s in style.

On his way back from the store with the champagne, he has an accident. When he wakes, he hitches a ride home and finds his wife thinks that he abandoned her – ten years ago. When Dr. Jack Henson, an ambitious inventor comes up with a “virtual prison” government officials are interested in its cost efficiency. Rather than life sentences, criminals would only have to spend hours being subjected to harsh treatment. When an innocent man’s life is at stake, the doctor must submit himself to his own invention–while learning the true meaning of justice.


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