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Buy DVD UK: The Armed American’s Complete Concealed Carry Guide

DVD Details

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 8
  • Genre: Tactical & Personal Defense
  • Starring:
  • Studio: Concealed Carry University
  • Release Date: 2013

What’s it about

The Armed American¡¯s Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense, by Patrick Kilchermann, is a 7 disc DVD program that offers a complete education on what we have dubbed The 3 Pillars of Effective Self-Defense: | Mindset | Training | Gear | The 3 Pillars, when equal in strength, can support you in upwards of 90% of the potentially violent situations that you may encounter. If one pillar is weaker than the other, then your ability to defend yourself or your family begins to crumble. If you¡¯ve got training and good gear but lack the Warrior Mindset, you¡¯re lacking. If you¡¯ve got the Warrior Mindset and True Reality-Based Training.. but lack effective Gear, you¡¯re in trouble. And of course, a lack of Reality-Based training creates a vulnerability that no gear or mindset can help you shore up. The bottom line is that Effective Self-Defense requires Balance ¨C and this is something that we have always observed is utterly lacking in the vast majority of options the Armed American has for training. Most training focuses solely on the physical side of training. Little attention is paid to Mindset or Gear, let alone the often overlooked aspects of physical training such as altercation Deterrence, Avoidance, De-Escalation and Escape. Until the The Armed American¡¯s Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense, the only option the Armed American had of obtaining a true, well-rounded education on Concealed Carry and Self-Defense was to wander the wasteland of books, websites, and tapes ¨C attempting to put all the pieces together and sort out the truth from the myth¡­ the wisdom from the anecdote¡­ Concealed Carry doesn¡¯t have to be hard. It doesn¡¯t have to be stressful. But on the other side, Concealed Carry isn¡¯t a hobby. It¡¯s not a game. Concealed Carry is a very serious decision in your life (perhaps even the answer to a call of duty that you feel), and I want to be there with you every step of that journey.


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