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Buy DVD UK: The Americans Season 6

DVD Details

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 5
  • Genre: Spy Thriller,Suspense,Period Drama,Serial Drama
  • Starring: Matthew Rhys, Lev Gorn
  • Studio: 20th Century Fox
  • Release Date: 2018

What’s it about

I love this show. I come from these parts of the world, and was born at the peak of the Cold War in the family of a high-ranking naval aviation officer. I lived in the former USSR through the Gorbachev’s era, before immigrating in the early 90s. I’m usually very skeptical about Hollywood’s attempts to depict the period, but this show is an exception. Apart from some rare minuscular “oopses” , the show is true to the period and sentiment of the era. The cinematography has always been top-notch. So has the acting. But there are hints here that all these characters, whose stubborn myopias we’ve come to know, are being forced to see differently.

If you’ve fallen away from the series because you miss the process-y spy stuff, be advised that it’s back with a vengeance, here in the home stretch. Yes, the show’s about issues of trust and support, but it’s still got a serious body count.How The Americans resolves their fates will be key to whether this series is remembered as a superbly rendered morality tale or a distinct disappointment after setting its bar so high. It’s layered, rich stuff, in keeping with the series’ strengths, but Fields and Weisberg’s intentional callbacks to events of early seasons adds even more complexity.

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