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Steven Spielberg Director’s Collection DVD Box Set

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 8
  • Genre: Military
  • Starring: Dennis Weaver, Goldie Hawn, Roy Scheider
  • Studio: Universal Pictures
  • Release Date: Apr. 23th 2020

Where can I buy Steven Spielberg Director’s Collection DVD Box Set?

Steven Spielberg is one of the most prolific directors in motion picture history. Spanning over 40 years, Steven¡¯s career began as a teenager when he made his way onto the Universal backlot and befriended studio executives. His passion and talent quickly developed, allowing him to direct an unprecedented number of blockbuster films. The Steven Spielberg Director¡¯s Collection showcases a selection of the Academy Award winner¡¯s unforgettable movies filmed for Universal, including his very first TV feature, Duel, and his first theatrical release, The Sugarland Express, and blockbusters such as Jaws, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial and Jurassic Park. Steven¡¯s work has captivated audiences worldwide and continue to set the standard for filmmaking.

Is Steven Spielberg Director’s Collection out on DVD?

Perhaps this quote, which adorns the collectible booklet in the recently-released ¡°Steven Spielberg Director¡¯s Collection¡± gets at the core of why Steven Spielberg is one of our most critically divisive artists. For every film lover who bows at the altar of Indiana Jones and E.T., there¡¯s one who will tell you that Spielberg is overly sentimental and crowd-pleasing to a fault. Some critics would argue that a director shouldn¡¯t make a movie for the audience but for their art or for some other inner purpose. Spielberg is admitting that he makes films to please the people sitting in a darkened theater, staring up at what he still embraces as the magic of movies.

What is the release date for Steven Spielberg Director’s Collection?

And this set, to a certain extent, captures that eagerness to please through various phases of his career. For the record, I¡¯m a huge fan. Always have been. I understand the criticisms of some of his work, and see more of them as I get older, but I was raised in the ¡®80s and ¡®90s, and so my love of cinema can really be tracked with a lot of Spielberg¡¯s work. I¡¯ve possibly seen ¡°Jaws¡± more than any other film, and consider it one of the form¡¯s best, ever. I wanted to be Indiana Jones more than Luke Skywalker. And I¡¯ll debate the merit of his later work as well, considering ¡°A.I.: Artificial Intelligence,¡± ¡°War of the Worlds,¡± ¡°Munich,¡± ¡°Minority Report¡± and ¡°Lincoln¡± to be among his best films, and some of the best of their individual years. So, the ¡°Steven Spielberg Director¡¯s Collection¡± is aimed at me. And it connects. Well, mostly.

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