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  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 27
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Starring: William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum, Jeremy Allen White, Ethan Cutkosky, Shanola Hampton
  • Studio: WarnerBrothers
  • Release Date: 2020

What’s it about

This is for “Shameless, Season 1-10”.
Total 10 seperate DVD sets.

Shameless – Season 1

Drunken father Frank is of no use to his dysfunctional family; Fiona meets a handsome stranger when her purse is stolen; Lip is shocked to discover his brother Ian is gay. A manhunt ensues after Frank goes on a bender and turns up missing on Friday, the day he never fails to cash his disability check, and turns up in Toronto with no idea how he got there.

Shameless – Season 2

Frank surrenders baby Liam collateral in a lost bet; Fiona thoroughly enjoys her youth as a bartender at a local hot spot; Sheila takes steps to finally leave the house; Debbie runs a daycare with Carl; Ian’s business expands. Frank seeks new financial footing in fellow bar patron Dottie, whose declining health and city pension makes her attractive; Fiona juggles her job, kids and a burgeoning love life; Jasmine tries to help by setting her up with a sugar daddy.

Shameless – Season 3

Now that they’re living together, Fiona struggles to accept the new “boring” Jimmy. Frank wakes up in a place completely foreign to him. Lip is sentenced to community service. Baby Hymie keeps Jody and Sheila up all night. Fiona stresses about the money she used for her club night and it gets worse when Lip finds out. Frank makes his way home and he’s the only one who can keep Hymie quiet. Kevin’s wife resurfaces. Frank tells Carl he has cancer so he can scam a charity foundation. Fiona is blown away by what she’s asked to do to get a job as a cashier. Lip leads a crusade to hunt down pedophiles in the neighborhood.

Shameless – Season 4

As we catch up with the Gallagher clan, life at home is thrown into a state of upheaval with the reappearance of Frank. With Lip off at college and Ian still missing, Fiona attempts to connect with Debbie and Carl. Fiona begins to enjoy the perks of living life just above the poverty line, using her new health benefits to take the kids for checkups. Meanwhile, Lip seems to have lost his mojo as he struggles in school and with the ladies. Frank stalks his previously unseen daughter, Sammi, and is surprised to find out she has a son, Chuck. Fiona and Mike get serious. Plus, Sheila has her first successful online date – with a Native American cowboy.

Shameless – Season 5

It’s summertime again in Chicago. Fiona balances her job and a crush on her boss as Lip says goodbye to college and heads back home. Plus, Frank unveils the secret project he’s been working on in Sheila’s basement. Frank tries to talk Sheila out of an offer from two lesbians who want to buy her home. Plus, Kev bonds with Svetlana, Ian plots revenge against a homophobic military funeral protest, and Fiona is officially off house arrest.

Shameless – Season 6

Frank is still mourning the loss of Bianca while his newfound appreciation for life is freaking the Gallaghers out. Fiona is determined to get Ian to take his meds and to get Debbie to the clinic for a pregnancy test. Debbie carries a bag of flour around all day – determined to prove Fiona wrong about her ability to raise a child while going to school. She quickly realizes people are not as accommodating to mothers and babies as she hoped.

Shameless – Season 7

Frank wakes up after a month-long coma to find no one missed him. Debbie takes a criminal approach to making sure Franny grows up wealthy. Plus, Lip completes rehab and Carl, uncircumcised, looks into surgery. Frank starts a new life barricaded on the top floor of the Gallagher home. Fiona starts running Patsy’s Pies on her own terms. Plus, Debbie gets into stroller trouble; Ian tries out heterosexuality; and Carl’s forced into abstinence.

Shameless – Season 8

The Gallaghers find themselves with money to burn as Carl sells their inheritance. Fiona focuses on her new apartment building; Lip deals with his sobriety; and Frank emerges out of a meth-induced haze to make amends. Frank joins the workforce for the first time. Meanwhile, Fiona grapples with evicting a tenant; Lip works out a plan to sabotage Charlie; Ian and Carl make a troubling discovery about Monica; and Kev prepares to go under the knife.

Shameless – Season 9

Frank gets into trouble with the Hopkins Academy PTA. Fiona struggles with her decision to bail Ian out of jail, while he continues his Gay Jesus antics inside. Lip juggles taking care of Xan with a potential romance. Fiona pursues a risky investment opportunity. Frank discovers the financial incentives of local politics. Carl bolsters his West Point application in unexpected ways. Ian is overwhelmed by the growth of the Gay Jesus movement.

Shameless – Season 10

Frank milks his injury for all its worth as Debbie, now the self-elected leader of the Gallagher family, cooks up a scam of her own. Lip and Tami get a surprise. Carl returns home from military school and Liam faces an identity crisis. Feeling pressure from Debbie, Frank sets out to make money to keep his place in the house. Lip is overwhelmed by the demands of a newborn. Ian and Mickey struggle to keep the romance alive in prison. Frank revels in his new position in the Gallagher house. Lip looks for support as the pressures of fatherhood take their toll. Ian and Mickey make a decision about their future.

Shameless Complete Series

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