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Buy Kids DVD UK – Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

DVD Details

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 1
  • Genre: Kids Movie
  • Starring: Helena Bonham Carter
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Release Date: 2019

What’s it about

I have been following this production since the trailer first hit the theaters. I¡¯m proud to have backed the film not only as a moviegoer, but also as a supporter hoping for it to one day be accessible for purchase to a wider online audience. If you follow Sgt. Stubby¡¯s social media links you¡¯ll see this has been a recent struggle but now, thankfully, the film is finally available in a way that better suits its mission. The filmmakers have poured their hearts into making this film available to veterans and educators with the hopes of reaching a younger generation and introducing them to this historic period. And this movie has indeed inspired many children, as well as adults. I have viewed it three times in theaters (being a veteran and former MWD handler) and I look forward to receiving the film in the mail having purchased it as a pre-order some time ago. Originally promised on a more restrictive basis to its fans for a Veterans Day (2018) DVD release from the production company (due to the distribution struggle mentioned early), I¡¯m more than happy to accept the new terms (amounting to a delay in shipping) which in the end will likely see this movie in more homes and viewed by many more families. The filmmakers have been an upbeat, determined bunch and this movie reflects that spirit. The film not only touches on the notion of redemption with Stubby transitioning from street dog to military K9 (my own military K9 was a former stray), but the film also examines the value of relationships as it spares no one a lesson in adversity and what one might have to overcome in a critical moment should they truly desire the fellowship of their companion. When the darkening begins to dishearten, and your very last was seemingly given up for the other long ago, the pledge to devote yourself to the other drives you onward and the will to honor your relationship remains imperishable. Thanks to the fidelity of the other¡¯s actions and their example of dogged determination, the grateful recipient of that devotion will understand what the value of a promise really means and it will be etched paw-deep across their heart forever. Beyond that heartfelt message of dutiful service, you are also treated to a visual wonder with this masterfully animated work. Like me, you might believe you see every dog you¡¯ve ever known in the hero-dog Stubby. Even his most doggish moments, off to himself, playing with fireflies, are priceless. The animated scenery really is amazing to watch. The soundtrack was a complete surprise to me, superior to most animated films and tailored perfectly for this WWI-era film. This is quite possibly the best ¡°dog movie¡± I¡¯ve ever seen. That last comment may sound terribly trite and so it probably falls a little flat. But if you knew my passion for dogs you¡¯d know that comment is actually the highest bit of praise I could possibly give this film.


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