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Buy DVD UK: Perfect Strangers Season 1 and 2

DVD Details

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 4
  • Genre: Comedy,Sitcom
  • Starring: Mark Linn-Baker, Bronson Pinchot, Rebeca Arthur
  • Studio: Warner Home Video
  • Release Date: 2018

What’s it about

One of my all-time favorite shows on DVD!!! Now, if only we can get all the rest of the years… Anyway, this isn’t HD because the original wasn’t in HD, but other than that the DVD quality was great. It arrived in perfect condition, and I had no problems with any of the discs.

This was such a great series! Mark Linn-Baker plays the straight man perfectly, yet he also has an amazing talent for physical comedy – enough to go toe to toe with Bronson Pinchot, which is saying a lot. I’m not sure I’ve seen another series so adept at physical comedy – at least not since The Three Stooges! This series was seriously funny, yet it also had a lot of heart. It hit on real insecurities, real situations and real family issues, and handled it with warmth, sensitivity and, of course, humor. Usually, the person with the anxiety and insecurities was Cousin Larry, a Midwesterner who tried hard to be a good person, but because of his insecurities he often went overboard. Balki, his long-lost cousin from Mypos, acted as the voice of reason, but also provided a reality check on those situations for all of us, reminding us of what’s really important in life.

This show ran from 1986-1993. They really need to release the rest of the seasons on DVD as well!!! Come on, Warner Bros! Stop blocking all the videos online if you’re not going to give it to us. We’ll buy, I promise!

Relying on the tried-but-true odd-couple set up, Perfect Strangers focuses on the comical lives of Larry Appleton (Mark Linn-Baker) and Balki Bartokomous (Bronson Pinchot). Larry is an uptight American who has moved away from his family’s Wisconsin home for his own apartment in Chicago. His life is changed forever when his childlike cousin Balki–a sheepherder from the fictional island of Mypos–shows up on his doorstep with the goal of becoming a U.S. citizen. A hit sitcom for ABC that ran from 1986 to 1993, Perfect Strangers offers some heartwarming storylines, a few laughs, and some genuine chemistry between the two leads. The first few years of the comedy are among the show’s best, as Larry and Balki get accustomed to each other’s ways. Linn-Baker plays the straight man who sets Pinchot up to deliver the best lines. While Pinchot definitely has the showier “fish out of water” part–and “Don’t be ridiculous!” tag line that became a catchphrase for a year or two–Linn-Baker creates the more relatable character. He’s working in a small shop, but his dream is to become a photojournalist. The show actually does a nice job of making sure Larry never loses sight of his goals, even as Balki is dragging him from one adventure to another. The four-disc DVD set includes all six episodes from the first mini season, as well as 22 episodes from the show’s second full season. Other than a “Dance of Joy” extra–which includes a montage of dance clips from the first two seasons–there are no special featurettes. Fans of high definition may be disappointed by the video transfer, which clearly dates the series. At its worst, Perfect Strangers is an outdated show that isn’t as funny as it thinks it is. But at its best, it projects giddy innocence and is easy viewing. Flash-forward to 2005 when Pinchot is throwing himself at Janice Dickinson on the reality series The Surreal Life: Now that’s not easy to watch.

A slapstick “buddy comedy” that explored the wonderment of a newly arrived immigrant at the ways of America- “The Land of the Whopper.” Balki was a young sheperd from the Mediterranean island of Mypos, who showed up unexpectedly at the Chicago apartment of his distant cousin, bachelor Larry. Balki’s wide-eyed, fun-loving manner, his nutty myposian customs, and his tendency to take everything American’s told him quite literally, promised considerable disruption to Larry’s organized life, but Larry took him in. After all, getting started as a sheperd in Chicago was not going to be easy.


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