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Buy DVD UK: My Three Sons Season 2

DVD Details

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 6
  • Genre: Sitcom
  • Starring: Fred MacMurray, Tim Considine, William Frawley
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Release Date: 2019

What’s it about

My Three Sons is a delightful slice-of-life comedy about the American family. The series chronicles the life of the Douglas family; a seemingly simple premise that was a huge hit with audiences and a keystone of the TV family lineup in the ’60s. Fred MacMurray delivers a standout portrayal as Steve Douglas, an aeronautical engineer and widower raising his three sons alone.

THIS is an amazing show. Second longest series (Ozzie & Harriet 14 yrs) on TV and they stopped at season 2?
Can’t find season 3 and beyond anywhere. It’s a shame because this family’s dynamics changed over the years.
The amazing thing about this all male cast, was the respect and courtesy towards women. Steve Douglas was
a role model and didn’t even have a wife. BRING ON THE REST OF THE SEASONS, PLEASE!!!

I was a kid with these boys and still I’d almost forgotten how the way Hollywood portrays families and fathers especially has changed! It is so fun to watch a strong and intelligent man who reminds me so much of the men I grew up with. The shows are funny and entertaining and how we once lived freely


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