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Buy DVD UK: Mom Complete Series 3-5

DVD Details

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 9
  • Genre: Sitcom,Family Drama
  • Starring: Anna Faris, Allison Janney, Matt Jones
  • Studio: Warner Archive Collection
  • Release Date: 2018

What’s it about

This was the best episode of all….hilarious show! Not corny, typical, or childish. Love this show! If you know about AA, or have any friends or relations with issues with drugs or alcohol, this show is for you…every season and every episode is so hilarious. However, this particular episode was my all time favorite. Allison Janney was absolutely fabulous! I can’t imagine anyone not liking this show unless, of course, one may have a serious problem with drugs and alcohol…just an idea of a reason…not. trying to judge anyone, ha.
Give the show a go, it’s sure to make you laugh…A lot!

I really like this show. The characters are wonderful, and the writers are good. Nice to have some hefty doses of reality presented with depth and sensitivity lots of comic relief. The canned laughter I could do without – the wit and humor carries itself without the laugh prompts.
I don’t know why Anna Faris gets top billing. I mean, she’s very good, and her character is quite lovable, but Allison Janney (Mom) is fabulous!
I would give it 5 stars except that it was expensive, and as a Prime member, it’s a bummer to have to pay just to download TV shows.

The show is amazing! I started watching it because it was on TV one day and I thought, “what the heck?” so I instantly became addicted to it. I got the first season as a Christmas gift and loved it because it gave me a chance to actually watch the entire season and because I liked the way it was packaged, but when I looked for the second season, at first looked pretty cool (the cover) but it wasn’t available yet so when it finally did, I saw the current cover. I didn’t think it was the “official” one but I guess it is. I would’ve liked something more like the first season because frankly, it looks like someone made copies, got pictures off the internet for the cover and started selling them. It plays great, don’t get me wrong, I hope this doesn’t happen for season 3, and I hope they do release it on DVD. It doesn’t mean the show isn’t great; it is! It’s wonderful! But I think the physical, official copy of it should be too.

3 reviews for Mom: Complete Series 3-5

  1. Natalia Rivera

    love this program, can’t hardly wait for the 6th season

  2. Luke De Oglou

    Fun, funny, offbeat, and full of positive vibes, ‘Mom’ is a great show. I’m glad that the studio has put out these on DVDs.

  3. Nicola McGhie

    Package lost, the guys send again quickly. Will use this company again.

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