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Poldark Season 5

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 3
  • Genre: Historical
  • Studio: PBS
  • Release Date:

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First Quarter 1800. Colonel Despard, who has been wrongly imprisoned, writes to Ross urging him to return to London. Ross arrives, accompanied by Dr Enys, to find a city gripped by fear, and agrees to take up Despard’s case. He attends a meeting opposed to slavery with Despard’s own brown-skinned wife, Katherine, as the speaker. At the theatre, he foils an attempt to assassinate the King, who is considered mad. His actions allow him an interview with Mr Whickham, with whom he agrees to work covertly in behalf of the government in return for Despard’s release. Demelza is left to manage the Cornish estate, promising to help find work for the discontented unemployed, who are led by Tess. The house is set afire during the night, and Demelza struggles to save her son and daughter from the flames.

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She suspects that Tess is responsible, but the girl denies it. George finds it hard to cope following Elizabeth’s death, starts behaving irrationally and having hallucinations of Elizabeth. In the meantime, he and his uncle enter into a commercial alliance with Ralph Hanson, a trader in mahogany from Honduras. In Cornwall, Morwenna struggles with her trauma but starts hoping for a recovery thanks to Drake’s kind, patient and untainted love. Demelza decides to go to London with her children to join her husband, and Caroline does the same.

Is there a season 5 of Poldark?

Second Quarter 1800. Ross and Demelza endeavour to restitute Ned Despard’s reputation, but a pamphlet written by his former secretary in Honduras praising his character is put into general circulation by Demelza, who had not foreseen the consequence of this action. Geoffrey Charles forms an unwelcome attachment to Miss Hanson, daughter of Ralph Hanson, who is in fact a slave owner and supporter of the slave trade, and the person behind the false accusations in Colonel Despard’s case. Dwight Enys gives a lecture to his peers about mental illness, but his views displease most of the audience, except for a lawyer, who asks him to testify on behalf of his client, accused of high treason, who shows signs of insanity.

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