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Buy DVD UK: Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 5

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  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 5
  • Genre: Action & Adventure,Comedy,Science Fiction,Superhero
  • Starring: Clark Gregg,Ming-Na Wen
  • Studio: ABC Studios
  • Release Date: 2018

What’s it about

The team tries to right what has gone incredibly wrong.

If I had to make a choice between world peace and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the world may be in trouble. Just heard that it’s been renewed for a sixth season, and I’m so stoked about that, I’m not even mad that there’ll only be 13 episodes and that it reportedly won’t air until the summer of 2019. No complaints from me. I thought the show was deaders after Season 5.

Concerning Season 5, it’s excellent, never mind that I don’t think it’s as good as Season 4. Then, again, it’s hard to trump the whole Framework/Agents of Hydra arc. Season 5 starts only moments after how Season 4 ended, and it introduces one of my favorite characters ever in the “person” of Enoch. He’s the catalyst to catapulting the agents 74 years into a dystopian future.

My recurring reaction as the episodes went on was “I don’t know what the hell is going on, but it’s awesome!” Season 5 packs it with surprises and swerves and with callbacks to previous seasons. Me, I am a YouTube reaction addict; I’m voyeur like that. I get it that most reactors and reviewers knock most of Season 1 as a sucky beast. But then I wallow in gratification as they – if they – keep on watching the show and inevitably morph into fans of AoS as huge as I am.

If you think the agents get stuck in that crap future for the entire season, rethink that, brother. Still, plot threads from that arc persist in plaguing the team even after they escape 2091. Even the episodes that drag, even those episodes drew me in because that’s how much I love these characters. To me, highlight eps are “Rewind,” “Fun & Games,” “The Devil Complex,” “Rise and Shine,” “The Force of Gravity,” and “The End.” Note that three of these eps feature Fitz, and that’s only proper since Iain De Caestecker is easily the best performer in this show and Fitz my favorite character. Coulson may be the heart of the S.H.I.E.L.D., but the show approaches near untouchable levels of greatness whenever the writers concoct ways of putting FitzSimmons thru the wringer. “The Real Deal” celebrates the show’s 100th episode, and I love it mostly for its final three minutes or so. Absent of those three minutes and some seriously emotional moments with Daisy prior to that, I thought the episode was underwhelming despite the shine they tried to put on it.

You can say they split Season 5 into three pods ¨¤ la Season 4. Pod #1 = future Earth. Pod #2 = General Hale and Ruby. Pod #3 = General Gravitonium. My favorite new character is easily Enoch who is just cool and super-weird. I had high hopes for Ruby especially once we saw the Quake poster on her wall. But I have to be honest. She didn’t quite live up to expectations. I did think “Rise and Shine” was tremendous in that it developed Ruby and her mom really well. But I wanted her to be even more badass.

And then there’s Deke Shaw. Soon as I saw him, I didn’t like him. As time went on, I had this dreadful sensation that the show was trying to attach him as a show regular. The writers even altered his personality, transmogrifying him from a selfish, backstabbing operator to this sweet fish-out-of-water hombre who we’re supposed to find charming because he’s discovered Twinkies and Zima. But what does it say when I only ever liked him that one time when he was doped up for surgery?

I try not to get too worked up about Zeke. No matter. You’re in for a treat with Season 5 as it once again demonstrates that AoS is a superior show when it doesn’t try too hard to tie into the MCU – not that the MCU gives a what about AoS, anyway. Season 5 gives us lovable sentient chronicoms who monitor “the line between the world and a stranger world,” geokinetics, blue aliens with appalling eyeshadow, sinister Air Force generals, prophecies from doodles, Destroyers of Worlds, the “time isn’t fixed” theory, and Zima. AoS asks you to keep up. They present crazy plot twists and brain-twisty notions. It’s as funny as ever, with the humor even being occasionally self-aware and often self-deprecating. It’s as quotable as ever. And I have three quotes. One is during the two-part opener as the camera cuts to the team doing its dramatic slow-mo power walk, and Coulson remarks, “This has to be the coolest we’ve ever looked.” Another is Coulson’s farewell toast as he raises a glass: “Here’s to us. Who’s like us? Damn few.” And, finally, there’s AoS’s nod to its devoted fans who’ve kept this underdog show going despite the very long odds:

– Fitz: “What are you observing now?”
– Noah, a sentient chronicom, standing by the surveillance monitors: “Various potential threats. You’d be surprised how frequently SHIELD is mentioned.”
– May: “We have a small but active fan base.”


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