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  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 24
  • Genre: Police Comedy,Crime Drama
  • Starring: Mary McDonnell, G.W. Bailey, Tony Denison
  • Studio: WarnerBrothers
  • Release Date: 2018

What’s it about

Excellent show. I’ve watched this group since the Closer. Was sad to see Kyra leave, but glad it was continuing as Major Crimes. Actors who actually have talent. Plots that require the use of your mind. Minimal to no violence. Interesting and satisfying character development… Gosh, that must be why TNT is dropping it. Seems the majority of television wants to feed the public mind numbing, watered down, overly violent garbage or ridiculous “reality shows”. If Amazon or another network was smart, they’d pick this up. Very enjoyable to watch.

We cut the proverbial cable cord 3+ years ago and waited for each season of Major Crimes to be released. We’re sorry the series is ending after 6 seasons, but when you think about it many of the characters were also on The Closer which ran for 7 seasons so some of these actors were there for 13 years which in this day & age is a long time for a series.

Season Six does not disappoint. Without giving anything away it starts out on a happy note as we get to see our Major Crimes family again. The seasons is divided into 3 multi-arc episodes: a 5-part series that introduces a new character and culminates in a wedding we’ve been looking forward. The 2nd arc then surprises us with a tragedy, and lastly the 3rd arc which is a carryover from The Closer and periodic Major Crimes episodes and it’s rightful conclusion.

What I liked about the show is the development of the characters over the years. We get to know a lot about them. We’re going to miss this series, as it was one of the better shows. Perhaps a spin-off is in order, who knows, but we can always hope.

It is hard to fathom the logic behind TNT¡¯s decision to pull the plug on the popular ¡°Major Crimes¡± when it was their highest rated program. But, this sixth season is indeed the end and the only good thing was James Duff & Co. had ample time to be able to craft a script bringing closure to long time fans who have watched since it spun off from ¡°The Closer¡±.

The majority of the cast have been playing these roles for 13 years starting with the first season of ¡°The Closer¡± so it must have been tough for them to wrap things up. As always the squad does what they do best and that¡¯s crime busting; starting with a 5 episode arc about some missing teens from a Catholic school field trip, then another multi episode story that kicks off with murder of a celebrity attorney representing women in a suit against a misogynist sports bar owner and then a final four shows concluding the recurring Philip Stroh saga.

Entirely way too much time is devoted to the much maligned Rusty Beck and his rocky relationship with on again/off again boyfriend Gus. By my estimate Rusty gets about 20% of each episode and that¡¯s a lot. This was a peripheral character that should have been gone after four or five shows. Rusty haters out there will be beyond tired of him by the final curtain.

For fans of ¡°The Closer¡± Captain (now Commander) Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) of Internal Affairs was hardly a favorite character. Most of us who stuck with ¡°Major Crimes¡± if you¡¯re like me have come to grudgingly accept her taking over from Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson (the wonderful Kyra Sedgwick) but never loving her like Brenda. First we have the marriage of Sharon and Lt. Andy Flynn (Tony Denison) to suffer through (happily little time is devoted to the nuptials) despite the fact these two are one of the most unlikely couples I¡¯ve ever seen. Their sappy dialog will have you reaching for the mute button. Then we have more of Sharon getting sick and diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and ultimately Duff¡¯s decision to kill her off. You can read online interviews where Mr. Duff explains his rationale for terminating her but it didn¡¯t make a lot of sense to me.

So, Lt Provenza (G.W. Bailey) finally gets interim command of Major Crimes for the showdown with the nefarious Stroh. Repeatedly Provenza, Flynn and others voice their plans to skip due process and not take Stroh alive. Somehow Stroh manages to spread the LAPD¡¯s resources so thin that it¡¯s down to Provenza and techie Buzz with Rusty and Gus in tow to face down the serial killer. The elderly Provenza tracks Stroh to a yacht alone with no back up violating all regulations. You knew earlier when Rusty persuaded Sharon to allow him to get a concealed carry permit and a pistol that he¡¯d ultimately be the one to take down Stroh and he does, shooting him five times. The Lieutenant tells Rusty to keep quiet and takes his Glock. Somehow the officer involved shooting inquiry clears Provenza- how did they reconcile the ballistics? Even if Proveza¡¯s duty weapon (a Beretta 92) and Rusty¡¯s Glock are 9mm it would be obvious that they were different guns; and how did the LT explain using a weapon that was registered to Rusty? It¡¯s California after all and there must be records.

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