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Buy DVD UK: Madam Secretary Season 4

DVD Details

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 6
  • Genre: Political Drama,Thriller
  • Starring: T¨¦a Leoni, Tim Daly, Bebe Neuwirth, Zeljko Ivanek, Erich Bergen
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Release Date: 2018

What’s it about

STATE OF COURAGE. It s never politics as usual for Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord (T¨¦a Leoni). In Season 4 of Madam Secretary, McCord faces everything from international issues to personal upheavals. Whether she s being accused of murdering a foreign diplomat, trying to contain a smallpox outbreak, or sending her daughter off to college, there s no crisis she can t handle. Her husband, CIA Agent Henry (Tim Daly), stirs controversy by recruiting a former member of the Russian military to work for the Agency. She continues to advise President Conrad Dalton (Keith Carradine), even as she goes toe-to-toe with the White House Chief of Staff Russell Jackson ( eljko Ivanek). Navigating the complicated twists and turns of the D.C. machine gets even more challenging when loyal State Department insider Nadine Tolliver (Bebe Neuwirth) decides to retire. But Elizabeth s team only gets stronger with the addition of brilliant political strategist Kat Sandoval (Sara Ramirez). Faced with the threats of the world, Madam Secretary proves to be a global force. Collect all 22 episodes in this riveting, politically relevant 6-disc set.

I purchased a season pass and now cannot watch the latest episode which now appears under CBS which requires a subscription. I love this series and now well I’ll just DVR it – totally unfair.

***** I AM REVISING MY REVIEW. As of this morning – episode #15 was available to watch under the season pass I purchased. THANK YOU for hearing all of our complaints.
This is a terrific show and I enjoy watching it.

I’m a huge Tea Leoni and Tim Daly fan and they make this show fantastic! It’s refreshing to see a Washington DC show portray a happily married couple, who happens to have a high-powered woman as the wife. See, it can be done if you respect each other.

Love the show, but not enough to buy CBS All Access for it – after a “glitch” in the system regarding S4Ep15, I will *NEVER* buy CBS All Access. But I’m glad DVDSHELF got the “glitch” fixed, and I really do love the show itself. Just *very* suspicious of its studio’s business practices now.


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