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  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 37
  • Genre: Family Drama
  • Starring: Jerry Mathers, Barbara Billingsley, Hugh Beaumont, Tony Dow
  • Studio: Shout! Factory
  • Release Date: 2010

What’s it about

Inspired by the real life experiences of creators Joe Connelly and Bob Moshers own children, Leave It To Beaver follows the hilarious everyday adventures of young Theodore ‘Beaver’ Cleaver and his older brother Wally. Whether at home, at school or playing around their suburban neighborhood, Beaver always manages to get himself into some kind of trouble, comically learning each valuable lesson life has to offer along the way. Alongside baseball and apple pie, Leave It To Beaver reigns supreme in the pantheon of Americana. Boasting 234 episodes, spanning six iconic seasons from 1957 63, no other series on television better exemplifies the purity of childhood and importance of family in America.

This is for Leave It To Beave Complete Series 1-6 DVD Box Set

Beaver, Season 1

Sneaky Frankie Bennett tells Beaver that he can win a new bicycle by entering a popular television show’s Franklin Milk bottle cap contest; but Beaver and big brother, Wally, cause quite a commotion at the milk company’s office when no one there seems to know anything about a contest after the boys show up to claim their prize pulling a wagon loaded with a thousand bottle caps. Beaver expects the worst when teacher Miss Canfield sends him home with a sealed note for his parents. Wally and Beaver secretly order a Florida alligator from a comic book ad, planning to keep the creature in their bathtub. But when a tiny, baby alligator shows up in a shoebox instead of the full grown, 8-footer shown in the ad, the boys enlist the help of crusty alligator expert, Captain Jack, to raise their new pet.

Beaver, Season 2

Ward composes a simple verse for Beaver after the third grader waits until the night before it’s due to write a poem for school; but the helpful dad’s good intentions go awry when “Beaver’s” poem is chosen to win a prize. June unwittingly jeopardizes Wally’s friendship with Eddie Haskell after she accepts a dance invitation for Wally from Eddie’s current crush, Caroline Cunningham. Ward promises to take Wally fishing and Beaver to the third grade’s student-father picnic before realizing that both events are on the same Saturday.

Beaver, Season 3

Wally is chairman of the Blind Date Committee for a dance and has to find dates for people. One girl is especially hard to find a date for. When the babysitter cancels at the last minute, Ward and June leave Wally in charge while they are out of town overnight. They have a bathroom mishap in the new house when Beaver takes a bath. Beaver gets suspended from riding the school bus for acting up.

Beaver, Season 4

When Beaver refuses to eat his Brussels sprouts, Ward and June try to find a compromise in their differing opinions on discipline, with surprising results. Ward and June are concerned when they discover that Beaver’s visiting friend Chopper has divorced parents but soon see that Chopper’s own experience will serve as Beaver’s best lesson on this life changing event.Beaver’s slightly exaggerated story about rescuing an abandoned canoe while fishing with Wally takes on a life of its own while passing through the school grapevine and Beaver finds that not being completely truthful can have disastrous results.

Beaver, Season 5

When Wally and his girlfriend, Evelyn, frequently double date with Evelyn’s older sister, Judy, and her husband, Tom, Ward and June worry that spending so much time with the happy couple will make Wally forgo college for marriage … especially after Ward’s chance encounter with the girls’ father reveals that Wally and Evelyn may be secretly going steady.
Beaver tries to hide from his friends the fact that he still has to have a babysitter when Wally and his parents are gone. Wally buys his first car, a non-running jalopy which becomes a blight on the neighborhood.

Beaver, Season 6

Wally gets more than a little help from his dad and an understanding maitre’d when girlfriend Julie Foster picks a new, and very expensive, restaurant for their first dinner date. Beaver stubbornly refuses to put on a suit for his school’s father and son football awards banquet after he and the other team members secretly agree to wear casual clothes to the formal event.Newly seventeen-year-old Wally’s anticipation of getting his driver’s license is dampened by mom June’s worry that he’s still too young and know-it-all classmate Shirley’s back seat driving.

Leave It To Beaver Complete Series

Leave It To Beaver: 10 Jokes That Aged Rather Poorly

Given the age of the program, we’d expect some of the jokes featured in Leave It To Beaver to have aged poorly, and, well, they certainly have. Leave it to Beaver is one of those shows that many adults grew up with. Some parents have shown it to their children through the ages. Mr. Feeny

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