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Killing Eve Season 3

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 2
  • Genre: Spy Thriller
  • Starring: Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, Fiona Shaw
  • Studio: BBC
  • Release Date:

Where can I buy Killing Eve season 3 on DVD?

After Eve is shot by Villanelle, she’s trying to move on. Villanelle is also moving on, until she is approached by someone from her past. Carolyn is being undermined at work and Kenny is looking for more information about the twelve. Eve and Carolyn are reeling. Eve strikes up an unlikely alliance with Kenny’s colleagues at the Bitter Pill. Villanelle finds that management isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Is Killing Eve season 3 on DVD yet?

Six months after the events in Rome, Villanelle has settled down in Spain and is about to be married. Her wedding is interrupted by the arrival of former assassin Dasha, who trained her. Dasha asks Villanelle to return to working for the Twelve, and Villanelle asks to be promoted to the role of “Keeper” in return, which would make her more powerful than both Dasha and Konstantin. To prove her loyalty, Villanelle is tasked with killing a local political agitator. Meanwhile, Eve has left MI6 and is now working at a Korean restaurant in New Malden as she tries to adjust to civilian life. She is supported by Kenny, who has also quit MI6 and now works as an investigative journalist independently investigating the Twelve. Eve agrees to meet Kenny for after-work drinks, but finds his office deserted. She discovers Kenny’s dead body outside, having apparently been thrown from the roof by an unknown assailant.

Is there a season 3 of Killing Eve?

Eve gets drunk at Kenny’s funeral when she learns his death was declared a suicide. She tries to access his phone, but is blocked by the password. Kenny’s boss Jamie contacts her and offers to unlock the phone in exchange for her co-operation in investigating Kenny’s death. Carolyn approaches Eve separately, frustrated that she cannot investigate Kenny’s death since she has been put on bereavement leave. She shares a theory that Villanelle is active again, and while Eve initially resists, she agrees to help Carolyn. The two are unaware that Konstantin is eavesdropping on them. Meanwhile, Villanelle is assigned to mentor Felix, a promising young assassin. They infiltrate a children’s birthday party to kill their target, but Felix diverges from the plan and Villanelle kills him. She returns home to find Konstantin waiting for her, and he informs her that Eve has survived.

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