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DVD Details

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 16
  • Genre: Hidden Camera,Reality,Sitcom
  • Starring: Joe Gatto, James Murray, Brian Quinn, Sal Vulcano
  • Studio: WarnerBrothers
  • Release Date: 2018

What’s it about

My husband and I started watching this show back during the first season. I remember the first night we found it on TV…we were laughing so hard we were crying. We adored the first 2 seasons, but seasons 3 and 4 lost some of the charm for me. The challenges were getting a bit monotonous, they were clearly being recognized by more people, and it just wasn’t as funny.

I wish I could find something bad to say about Impractical Jokers but I seriously can’t. I think the group of guys are great and they have such great chemistry with each other. They were friends before the show and I think that’s a HUGEEEE plus because it’s not like they cast four people for a prank show. They were probably playing the same pranks on each other before the show started.

All the pranks seem to be so smartly planned. You just can’t help but literally roll on the floor and start laughing. My sister looks at me like I’m crazy every time I’m over and I’m watching the show. I’m gone through the first four seasons and this continues to be as funny – if not funnier. I was worried that as the seasons went on, it would start to get stale and boring, but they keep coming up with new pranks, new punishments to keep it fresh. And they keep stuff from older seasons that have worked. It’s like they had the magic formula to never make a bad episode

If you’re a fan of big laughs, this won’t disappoint!

Impractical Jokers has to be the funniest show on television right now! These guys are simply amazing and we don’t stop laughing throughout an entire episode. Each episode is filled with amazing pranks that will leave you in happy tears! I would recommend this show for anyone who likes hidden camera show or show about pranks. The best part of it is these four guys are just real childhood friends. The chemistry really comes alive on the screen. Some shows get worse as years go on, but this show gets better with each season. I always wonder how these guys are able to come up with such fun and creative pranks. I cannot recommend this show enough!

I also want to add that these guys are now traveling all over the country doing standup and the show was one of the best things I¡¯ve seen live. We were laughing an entire show! Definitely go see!

Impractical Jokers Review

Competitive reality series are generally developed with a proven episodic formula in mind: Establish personalities, provide tasks or challenges and conclude with a ritual for triumph and/or failure. (The scandalized 51 Minds production company behind Megan Wants a Millionaire, I Love Money et al pretty much perfected this.) TruTV’s enjoyable but dopey new offering, Impractical Jokers, mostly adheres to that mandate, but only really succeeds at one of the three steps.

The concept—lifelong friends and former Staten Island schoolmates Joe, Sal, Murr (Murray) and Q (Quinn) are put in everyday situations, relay embarrassing directives for one another from a separate location, catch the action on hidden cameras and award points based on who goes through with the humiliation, with the loser being creatively punished—sounds like a potential nightmare hybrid of Punk’d-style manipulation, Boiling Points’ agitation, Jackass-inspired brotasticness and Silent Library’s meanness.

As it turns out, the gags are pretty harmless and fun, there’s more to laugh with than cringe at and the joke’s generally on our juvenile foursome. If anything, their prank targets are merely accomplices in attempts to one-up themselves in the sport of victimless adolescent dares.

In tonight’s premiere (a second episode airs immediately after it at 10:30, though we did not have a chance to screen it by press time), the Impractical troupe takes turns weirding out White Castle customers from behind the counter, soliciting signatures for increasingly ludicrous petitions, getting a little too familiar with Manhattan tourists and mouthing off at Costco customers on the checkout line.

The latter segment is the only point at which Jokers get dicey and uncomfortable, especially when Murr asks someone en route to a memorial service, “Who kicked the bucket?” But Joe saves the day moments later by going above and beyond at his buddies’ instruction to poke customers and objects with his nose. Like much of what works in this debut installment, it’s silly and infectiously hilarious.


This is where the show finds its sweet spot, just having the bird’s-eye cameras roll and letting us witness four grown men act like 12-year-olds for our amusement, with occasionally adult content to keep things interesting (e.g. Sal being pressured to regale unassuming visitors to NYC from North Carolina about the handjob he once got there, and absolutely hating himself in the process).

Sometimes, they just find their shtick a bit too funny, like that guy who always laughs harder at his own punchlines than anyone else. Subtlety, in other words and as one might expect given the premise, is not Impractical Jokers’ strong suit. In lieu of providing a ton of background about our stars, we’re shown an awful lot of cutaways to them practically imploding at the sight of each other’s debasement. It kind of kills the buzz and has the opposite effect of endearing us to their camaraderie. At times, it’s a bit like watching the world’s most sophomoric director’s commentary.

The other area where Jokers disappoints is even needing to have a “punishment.” In this case, germaphobe Sal is forced to pick up and hold dog poo in his hand for 20 seconds. But, inexplicably, while wearing latex gloves. No one’s suggesting any Jackass chicanery where Sal projectiles the shit out of his own ass. But if you’re gonna fit the reality mold and wrap each week up with a coup de consequence, you may as well either really go for it, or decide on a less precarious repercussion. (Although Sal gets points for telling an onlooker, “I’m a collector.”)


There’s a good chance audiences will make up their mind about Impractical Jokers from the trailers or opening seconds of tonight’s premiere alone. And there are definitely tweaks that can be made to improve on its pacing and lightness. It’s worth giving the boys a shot though, because they sure are working hard to make themselves and us smile.

Stray Observations

I would say I genuinely laughed out loud and shook my head with bemused compassion for these guys between five and 10 times. Not a bad ratio.
Funniest improvised moment: Joe ask a man to sign his inane petition to allow white people in the military, man berates Joe and says this is how we’re always waving our dicks around, Joe replies, “I wanna just get more white dicks.”
As a native Long Islander, I love that Sunrise Highway was referenced during the opening sketch, and was a bit charmed by the guys’ unpretentious New York-ness.
Did you guys enjoy the show? Think it’ll stay on the air?

Impractical Jokers Complete Series

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