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Heartland Season 12

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 5
  • Genre: Children-Family Films & TV
  • Starring: Amber Marshall, Michelle Morgan, Graham Wardle
  • Studio: Entertainment One
  • Release Date:

Where can I buy Heartland season 12 on DVD?

Season 12 of Heartland sees the Bartlett-Fleming clan dealing with day-to-day challenges and pursuing forgotten dreams. Their strength will be tested as they face personal struggles and must look to one another for guidance and support. The season opens with Amy (Amber Marshall) and Ty (Graham Wardle) trying to balance life with a toddler and their perpetually busy schedules. Realizing their long-time goal of working together turns out to be the solution. But the decision presents inevitable ups and downs that at times threaten their faith in one another. And when a newcomer unexpectedly arrives at Heartland, Amy and Ty are confronted with an impossible choice that could change their family forever. Meanwhile, Georgie (Alisha Newton) enlists a new coach and faces immense pressure to reach the next level, causing her to make challenging sacrifices.

Is Heartland season 12 on DVD yet?

In order to support her daughter, Lou (Michelle Morgan) is spurred into making a decision about her expanding business in NYC. But when she discovers an old flame has moved on, she may live to regret her choice. At the same time, Jack (Shaun Johnston) and Lisa (Jessica Steen) confront problems in their relationship when Lisa is faced with a troubling family situation. And as Jack learns to cope with the aftermath of his wife’s choices, his resilience is tested further when devastating news is delivered regarding an old friend. In the meantime, Tim (Chris Potter) makes drastic life changes leading to a further rift between him and Jack. Special Features Disc 4: Season Twelve Production Chapeter Arcs Ruby and Emanuelle Writing Process Animals and Wranglers Actors 200th Episode Hudson Favorite Scenes Shaun and Music Locations What’s Next… Legacy

Is there a season 12 of Heartland?

Tani and Junior get inadvertently trapped while trying to save civilians inside a tunnel collapse. McGarrett discovers that the collapse was an intentional plot for Jackson Wilcox, the most notorious methamphetamine dealer outside of Mississippi, to escape. With Quinn’s help, Five-0 discover that the van Wilcox was transported in belonged to the Department of Defense, but was actually used by the FBI to bring Wilcox from a safe house to treat his cancer. After a bomb is discovered in his home, McGarrett calls the bomb squad to investigate, but they don’t get any clues of who could have planted it.

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Will Heartland season 12 be released on DVD?

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