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DVD Details

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 29
  • Genre: Drama
  • Starring: Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers
  • Studio: Shout! Factory
  • Release Date: 2017

What’s it about

Two Harts beat as one in this complete series set!

Robert Wagner (It Takes A Thief) and Stefanie Powers (The Girl From U.N.C.L.E.) take you on a jet-setting mystery tour in the charming and elegant Hart to Hart. Jonathan and Jennifer Hart, a wealthy and glamorous couple, always manage to find themselves caught up in intrigue and adventure. Along with their loyal and gravel-voiced servant Max (Lionel Stander), these stylish sleuths delighted audiences throughout Hart To Hart¡¯s five-season run on network television.

Created by Sidney Sheldon, both a bestselling novelist (Master of the Game, The Other Side Of Midnight) and hit television producer (I Dream of Jeannie, The Patty Duke Show), Hart to Hart is a smart and sexy detective drama featuring sparkling and witty dialogue, gorgeous costumes, and the sort of thrilling exploits that are never out of style.

Featuring the original pilot and all 110 episodes from the original series

This is for Hart To Hart Complete Series 1-5 DVD Box Set

Hart To Hart , Season 1

A friend of Jonathan Hart’s is killed in a motor accident just after he has left a health farm, apparently committing suicide. There was no warning of him being troubled so the Harts go undercover to find out what happened at the farm.When Jonathan breaks up a semi-slavery ring, the manager running it sends a hit man to pretend to be Jennifer’s cousin and terminate her. A yacht trip becomes dangerous when one of the Harts’ guests is blackmailed into running drugs.

Hart To Hart , Season 2

The Harts look forward to a nice lunch with Jennifer’s friend and her new husband, but her husband suddenly disappears and is shortly found dead. Meanwhile, two men who followed him out of the restaurant next show up in his L.A. apartment and start following who they think is his wife: Jennifer. After witnessing a murder, Jonathan hits his head and loses his memory. As he tries to recover his memory, he starts to suspect he may have had a mistress — and killed her.Jennifer is kidnapped by a man who wants to get some of the money from an old crime by holding his ex-partner’s wife, who happens to be a dead ringer for Jennifer.

Hart To Hart , Season 3

Mrs Hart has been entered into a rose growing competition by Max, and her flower is chosen for the finals. At the same time, one of the main competitors a Greek organized crime figure is killed. They begin to investigate. The Harts are on holiday in Acapulco, when they hear a senator has been assassinated. The assumption is the assassination is linked to bribery and corruption charges in the silver industry. The Harts decide to investigate.Due to an airline strike the Harts have to travel from Chicago to Los Angeles by train. They unwittingly get caught up in a murder plot involving other passengers.

Hart To Hart , Season 4

The Harts travel to Napa Valley to celebrate their anniversary. While there they accidentally purchase a resort. To their surprise there are others who want the property and will go to any lengths to get it. The Harts host Jennifer’s Aunt’s latest nuptials (Eva Gabor), but the occasion is crashed by ex-husband William Windom – and a poisoned cake. Jennifer becomes involved in a deadly gambling scheme while in London.

Hart To Hart , Season 5

Follows how Jonathan and Jennifer met for the first time in London, England, even though Jonathan refuses to give journalist Jennifer an interview. An emerald stolen by an Argentine polo player ends up in Jonathan’s possession. The thief succeeds in getting it back, but Jonathan foils him in the end. Jonathan walks in on a robbery in progress at a museum in Paris. But the 2 jewel thieves escape, taking Jonathan with them as a hostage. Jennifer and the French police have to find and rescue Jonathan. Can they?

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    Perfect gift at a great price, delivered in five days, Thanks

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    Since it is a gift, I have not played any of them. Will let you know when my wife plays one.

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    I am liking them

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    DVD set came quicker than expected and as described. Second time I’ve purchased and would again.

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