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Buy DVD UK: Flashpoint Complete Series 1-6

DVD Details

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 18
  • Genre: Police Procedural
  • Starring: Hugh Dillon, Amy Jo Johnson, David Paetkau
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Release Date: 2014

What’s it about

FLASHPOINT is a drama which depicts the emotional journey into the tough, risk-filled lives of a group of cops in the SRU (inspired by Toronto’s Emergency Task Force). It’s a unique unit that rescues hostages, busts gangs, defuses bombs, climbs the sides of buildings and talks down suicidal teens. Members of a highly-skilled tactical team, they’re also trained in negotiating, profiling and getting inside the suspect’s head to diffuse the situation to try and save lives.


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