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  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 25
  • Genre: Kids Movie,Action & Adventure,Anime
  • Starring: Tiffany Vollmer, Sonny Strait
  • Studio: Funimation
  • Release Date: 2020

What’s it about

This is for “Dragon Ball: Season 1-5”.
Total 5 seperate DVD sets.

Dragon Ball: Season 1

In 1986, the animated adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s manga Dragon Ball debuted on Japanese television, launching one of the most popular franchises in anime history. Dragon Ball introduced a special mixture of male bonding, rigorous training, martial arts fighting, slapstick comedy, and sci-fi action that scored a huge hit with boys and led to the follow-ups Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT–and numerous imitators. A small boy from another planet, Goku commands super-human strength, but he was raised in the remote mountains by an old man and he knows little of the world. Goku meets Bulma, who’s trying to assemble the seven magical Dragon Balls so she can wish for a boyfriend. The naive boy and the hot-tempered girl join forces, then form a quarrelsome alliance with Oolong, the shape-shifting pig, and Yamcha, a dashing bandit with a metamorphic familiar, Puar. The heroes compete for the Dragon Balls against the pint-sized Emperor Pilaf (who wants to rule the world). After defeating Pilaf, Goku goes to study martial arts with Master Roshi, a lecherous but extraordinarily skilled old man. Goku and fellow student Krillin develop formidable powers that they use in the World Martial Arts Tournament. These episodes set the pattern for Dragon Ball and numerous other series: humans and creatures of all description train endlessly, then gather to pound the ramen out of each other before an audience. Naturally, the hero wins in an extended final match. The first adventures are lighter in tone and more broadly comic than the beginning of the darker Red Ribbon Saga. For years, the first13 episodes of Dragon Ball were only available in the U.S. in the heavily edited set Saga of Goku, to the chagrin of the fans. Following their successful release of the complete Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT, Funimation is presenting Dragon Ball uncut and digitally restored. The series probably looks better now than it did when it premiered, as it was reportedly filmed in 16mm. Note: The sight of the prepubescent Goku and Krillin running around naked doesn’t bother Japanese audiences.

Dragon Ball: Season 2

After meeting his match in the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku embarks on a mission to recover the Four Star Dragon Ball that once belonged to his grandfather. His treacherous quest will take him from the terrifying heights of Muscle Tower to the darkest depths of the deep blue sea. But with the Flying Nimbus under his feet and Bulma¡¯s Dragon Radar leading the way ¨C there¡¯s nothing mighty Goku can¡¯t handle.

Dragon Ball: Season 3

Goku embarks on a journey to test his strength against the best of the best!
Driven by his promise to a heartbroken young boy, Goku completes his training under Master Korin and prepares for a brutal rematch with Mercenary Tao! The battles rages on as the powerful warriors trade blows in a furious flurry of Dodon Rays and Kamehameha Waves. A victory for Goku spells the end for Tao and could hasten the downfall of the Red Ribbon Army!
Even if the little man succeeds in ending Commander Red¡¯s reign of terror, he must still locate the final dragon ball in order to summon Shenron and resurrect Bora. To complete his quest, Goku must beat a fortune-teller at her own game, slam the door on Demon Land, tame the dread Inoshikacho, and survive a beating from a masked dead man. His journey will be filled with danger, but with each victory, Goku gains the strength needed to emerge victorious from the upcoming World Martial Arts Tournament!

Dragon Ball: Season 4

A new breed of evil ¨C more powerful than anything ever experienced ¨C is taking the world¡¯s greatest martial artists down for the count. Goku is quick to join the fight, but he¡¯s about to meet his match in the form of King Piccolo. This menacing monster has the power to pulverize the planet, and his murderous rampage will not stop until he controls the power of the seven magic Dragon Balls.

Dragon Ball: Season 5

Witness the thrilling conclusion to the adventure of a lifetime!
In the aftermath of his epic battle with Piccolo, Goku embarks on an electrifying quest to rescue his fallen friends from the realm of the dead. His perilous journey will take him to the heights of Korin Tower ¨C and beyond ¨C as he searches for Kami, a mystical being with the power to resurrect Shenron and restore the magic of the seven Dragon Balls!
The World Martial Arts tournament is just around the corner, and an eerily-familiar foe known only as Junior wants to teach Goku the true meaning of pain! To survive the tournament and finally earn the title of World¡¯s Greatest Martial Artist, Goku must train his mind as well as his body to complete his amazing transformation from a bushy-tailed boy into a man to be reckoned with!

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  1. 4.9 out of 5


    My son is very pleased with the movies.

  2. 4.9 out of 5


    Will give it as a Christmas. Service was good pkg. arrived sooner than expected.

  3. 4.9 out of 5


    Awesome!!! This my favorite movie of all times.

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