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  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 45
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Starring: Dick Wolf,Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney
  • Studio: Universal Studios Home Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2020

What’s it about

This is for Chicago Fire, Season 1-8, complete series.
Total 8 seperate DVD sets.

Chicago Fire – Season 1

Members of the Chicago Firehouse 51 are shaken after the loss of firefighter Andy Darden. Truck leader Matthew Casey and Rescue Squad leader Kelly Severide blame each other for Darden’s death. However, they have to overcome the frictions when another colleague, Christopher Herrmann, is gravely injured. Meanwhile, Paramedic Gabriela Dawson performs a risky procedure in the field, in order to save a little girl’s life; Casey goes through a rough patch with his fianc¨¦e Hallie; and the new candidate, Peter Mills, reports for duty.

Chicago Fire – Season 2

An arsonist takes notice of Severide as new red tape causes big changes in the department in the Season Two Premiere. The threat of an arsonist with a vendetta against the firehouse looms and Casey struggles with the repercussions of Heather Darden’s accident. Severide is convinced he knows the arsonist’s identity. Internal issues threaten to derail Engine Company 51.

Chicago Fire – Season 3

Boden forces members of Firehouse 51 to pull themselves back together in the aftermath of a harrowing fire explosion. While Severide goes missing for one week too many, Casey works to track down his whereabouts. Meanwhile, Newhouse brings some unexpected news regarding one of Mills’ relatives while Herrmann and Otis make some new goals regarding Molly’s. Lieutenant Severide returns to Firehouse 51, but he is clearly not his usual self. Dawson counts down the weeks until she gets started as a candidate at the Austin Firehouse. Meanwhile, Mills learns more about his father’s family and Herrmann asks the potential Molly investors to come up with new ideas to turn the business around.

Chicago Fire – Season 4

Casey finds himself in dangerous territory at the center of an undercover operation to bring down a trafficking ring out of Nesbitt’s strip club. Internal Affairs investigates Firehouse 51 following a complicated call to a fire. Boden’s job is on the line as the crew of Firehouse 51 continues to search for evidence that could clear him of any wrongdoing. A member of Firehouse 51 requires the support of the whole team to recover from a near disaster. Boden offers to host a wedding at the firehouse after a fire ruins the ceremony, but Chief Riddle is against it and his political aspirations cause friction among the firefighters.

Chicago Fire – Season 5

Severide and Patterson’s differences reach a boiling point, while a visitor from Cruz’s past asks for a favor. Boden finds himself in the middle of a fiasco concerning a female neighbor he believes is setting him up. Patterson confronts Boden about his ability to lead the firehouse. Clues to Serena’s possible whereabouts are uncovered, while Captain Patterson has news for everyone. While a member of Firehouse 51 falls victim to a near-fatal stabbing, the other firefighters rescue a woman who attempted to commit suicide.

Chicago Fire – Season 6

Severide and Stella are on the lookout for her unstable ex. Members of 51 end up in a dangerous situation while responding to an auto accident and Stella must make a serious decision about her ex. Casey gets help from Susan Weller for an urgent personal matter; Severide is given an opportunity to travel with Travis Brenner; Stella saves a street kid from a tunnel fire.

Chicago Fire – Season 7

With most of the squad still trapped in the warehouse fire, Chief Boden makes a risky last-minute decision to save them. When Boden learns that the school fire in which his wife was trapped was not an accident, he pressures Severide and Casey to find the cause. Lt. Casey butts heads with the new chief who fills in for Boden at House 51; Mullins has an unexpected surprise for Casey when he makes a risky move to stop a man from jumping off the building; Brett learns information about a friend.

Chicago Fire – Season 8

The mattress factory fire spirals out of control. Truck and squad lay it on the line in hopes of getting the trapped victims out alive. Casey struggles to get Boden to sign off on an energetic new recruit; Foster extends an olive branch to her irritating new medic; Otis inspires Herrmann to seek new partners at Molly’s. Brett and Foster question the suspicious circumstances surrounding an attack at a juvenile detention center; new technology at Firehouse 51 tests everybody’s patience; Kidd is chosen to represent the district at a leadership conference.

Chicago Fire Complete Series

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