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Bob’s Burgers Seasons 1-11 DVD

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 30
  • Genre: Sitcom
  • Starring: H. Jon Benjamin, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman
  • Studio: CBS
  • Release Date: Jun. 10th 2021

Where can I watch bob’s burgers?

Bob’s Burgers is an American animated sitcom created by Loren Bouchard for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The series centers on the Belcher family¡ªparents Bob and Linda and their three children, Tina, Gene, and Louise¡ªwho run a hamburger restaurant. The show was conceived by Bouchard after he developed Home Movies. Bob’s Burgers is a production by Bento Box Entertainment and 20th Television.

Where can I find bob’s burgers season 1-11?

Bob¡¯s Burgers ¨C Season 1 (2011)
Smart laughs and irreverent fun are always on the menu at BOB¡¯S BURGERS. Bob Belcher¡¯s family-run restaurant would be a big success if not for one thing ¨C his family! Oldest daughter, Tina, can¡¯t control her raging hormones. Middle son, Gene, promotes the restaurant by wearing a burger costume, but forgets to take it off to pee. And little Louise tells her class that Bob¡¯s burgers are made from human flesh! This quirky comedy will leave you hungry for more.

Bob¡¯s Burgers ¨C Season 2 (2012)
If you¡¯re searching for a rare comedy that¡¯s well done, look no further?-BOB¡¯S BURGERS is serving up a second season of top-grade fun! This time around, struggling restaurateur Bob Belcher and his family crash the food truck circuit, get burned by a bad review, find trouble in a taffy factory and dive into synchronized swimming. Enjoy the laughs ¨C but save room for dessert! Shown in 16:9 full frame format using the highest quality source material available.

Bob¡¯s Burgers ¨C Season 3 (2013)
The animated comedy Bob¡¯s Burgers returns for a third season. The series follows the ups and downs of Bob (H. Jon Benjamin), who run¡¯s Bob¡¯s Burgers with the help of his wife and their three kids. Bob has big ideas about burgers, but his family falls short on service and sophistication. Despite the greasy counters, lousy location and dearth of customers, Bob and his family are determined to make ever “Grand Re-Re-Re-Opening” a success.

Bob¡¯s Burgers ¨C Season 4 (2014)
The fourth season of the animated comedy series Bob¡¯s Burgers returns with Bob and his quirky family. Bob subs as the home economics teacher at the kids¡¯ school, Linda goes to her high school reunion and ends up singing there, the family tries to create a local Super Bowl advertisement, and the kids set up a trap for Santa Claus. Guest stars returning include Will Forte, John Michael Higgins, Rob Huebel, Ken Jeong, Kevin Kline, Megan Mullally, Laura and Sarah Silverman, and Paul F. Tompkins, as well as new guest stars that include Bobcat Goldthwait, Jordan Peele, and Molly Shannon.

Bob¡¯s Burgers ¨C Season 5 (2015)
Having won the 2014 Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program, BOB¡¯S BURGERS returns for a fresh and flavorful fifth season. The series follows BOB (H. Jon Benjamin), who runs Bob¡¯s Burgers with the help of his wife and their three kids. Bob has big ideas about burgers, but the rest of the clan falls short on service.

Bob¡¯s Burgers ¨C Season 6 (2016)
The Emmy? Award-winning BOB¡¯S BURGERS serves up a sizzling sixth season of well-done comedy that features the guest voices of Cloris Leachman, Paul Rudd, Wanda Sykes and more! The Belcher children put on a musical spectacular to earn their spot on the Nice List of a grumpy mall Santa, Linda hopes her “wine shoe” promotion is a perfect fit for the restaurant, and the whole town gets involved when Bob lands in a sticky situation in the show¡¯s milestone 100th episode. It¡¯s a mouth-watering feast of outrageous fun!

Where can I buy bob’s burgers tv series?

Bob¡¯s Burgers ¨C Season 7 (2017)
Prepare your taste buds for an appetizing assortment of hamburgers and hilarity as the Emmy? Award-winning BOB¡¯S BURGERS serves up a sidesplitting seventh season that features the guest voices of Jim Gaffigan, Amy Schumer, Rob Riggle, John Oliver and more! Bob has a big beef with his new meat supplier, Linda discovers an imperfectly proportioned potato that resembles her grandfather, and as Valentine¡¯s Day approaches, Tina, Gene and Louise find themselves wrapped up in love-induced chaos. Savor the flavors of laughter and lunacy!

Bob¡¯s Burgers ¨C Season 8 (2018)
Feed your funny bone as the Emmy? Award-winning BOB¡¯S BURGERS keeps the comedy antics cooking with a hilarious eighth season that features the guest voices of Fred Savage, Stephanie Beatriz, Andy Richter and more! Bob and Gene take father-son bonding to new heights with a high-flying trapeze experience, Linda transforms into “Punky Bookster” for her storytelling gig at the local library, and the kids put the squeeze on a juice truck owner who¡¯s trying to take over their back alley turf. Get ready to laugh your buns off!

Bob¡¯s Burgers ¨C Season 9 (2019)
The series follows Bob Belcher, a third-generation restaurateur, and his ever-quirky family who together run the restaurant Bob¡¯s Burgers. Bob believes his burgers speak for themselves and isn¡¯t afraid to offer a variety of off-beat creations. Bob¡¯s wife, Linda, supports his dream but is becoming sick of the slow times, as the restaurant is constantly in danger of going out of business.

Bob¡¯s Burgers ¨C Season 10 (2020)
The kids get involved in Bob¡¯s plan to surprise Linda for their anniversary. Bob and Gene try to acquire a rare mushroom for a Burger of the Day; Tina thinks her new prescription glasses have given her a superpower. Bob and Tina participate in a father-daughter cardboard boat race; Linda takes Gene and Louise to a fire station open house.

Bob¡¯s Burgers ¨C Season 11 (2021)
Bob goes on a quest to find a misplaced key to a lock box; Tina tries to learn a hand-slapping song that everyone else can do. A pinworm epidemic thwarts Linda¡¯s attempt to take the family to the symphony on free admission night. Bob agrees to be the temporary chef at the Fischoeders¡¯ new nightclub; the kids throw a pool party in the restaurant basement when they get a hold of a stock tank. The kids meet a mysterious old woman at a hotel on Halloween as Louise plots her revenge for a candy transgression; Bob and Linda donate blood at a vampire-themed blood mobile.

Bob’S Burgers Complete Series

Bob’s Burgers: 10 Best Mr. Fischoeder Episodes

A wealthy purveyor of Bob’s seaside town, here are 10 of the best Bob’s Burgers episodes featuring the ever-quirky Mr. Fischoeder. Dating back to the early days of animated comedy series, The Flintstones helped to establish the boss/rich-guy type of character whose main role is to antagonize or motivate the main characters. The Flintstones had

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