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Buy DVD UK: Becker Complete Series

DVD Details

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 17
  • Genre: Sitcom
  • Starring: Ted Danson, Hattie Winston, Shawnee Smith
  • Studio: Paramount
  • Release Date: 2018

What’s it about

Becker disappeared from the channels we can get (over 275) about three years ago. I love the show. We used to record it and then watch it each night just before going to bed. It was a perfect cap on our day. Then it stopped being available. I searched every few weeks, but no channel carried it.

Now, three years later, the complete series was released. We pre-ordered it. When it arrived, I was amazed. The shows are perfect! They are fully original and the quality is pristine. CBS, who owns the program apparently, has released this set. For a truly bargain price you get 17 CD’s with every single episode in the series.

If you like Becker, you need this set.

I love this show even more now than when it aired. I don’t know how they can sell 17 discs for $27, but it is certainly worth a lot more than that in enjoyment. For those who fussed about the last disc & glue, I had the same issue. I was very disappointed… but I got a soft cloth, wet the disc with a little water, and I rubbed & rubbed it very gently, and (with some patience) all the glue came off and it worked perfectly. I think it’s a deal and it provided me with three months of refreshing entertainment.

Giving this series a five star rating! Not too crazy about the packaging, but ecstatic that the manufacturer listened to the reviews about previous poor packaging. This is certainly an improvement. Last disc still loosening and potentially scratching for poor play back. Mine however might be working very well.
Really love the subtitles option.
Lastly, the biggest improvement Is the continuous play on all six seasons! Such a fan of the show that I have the entire collection. Each season was purchased individually. (When this complete series volume was not yet available.) The first cut of DVDs did not have continuous play for both seasons five and six. This entire set has continuous play for all six seasons! Very nice When you want to indulge on Becker on a lazy day! Would highly recommend the set but still needing nicer packaging.

The show is absolute bestness, right there after Frasier and maybe Fawlty Towers. Great storylines, good actors, fabulous characters and brilliant timing as a situation comedy should always have. But the product here leaves a bit to desire: The package isn’t that reliable as at least one of the discs had loosened off during delivery, and the cardboard cover was damaged. The worst thing about the product however is the poor quality of the subtitles. The two first seasons were fine, but somehow it all starts going wrong from season three. Either the person doing the subtitles must have been drunk or on drugs, but it is a horrible mess mostly. Please pay attention to this detail when you publish more television series as American shows have a lot of fans outside English speaking countries too.

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