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  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 38
  • Genre: Superhero,Action & Adventure
  • Starring: Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Willa Holland
  • Studio: WarnerBrothers
  • Release Date: 2020

What’s it about

This is for “Arrow, Season 1-8” DVD Box Set

Arrow, Season 1 (2012)

Billionaire playboy, Oliver Queen, has been considered dead for five years. Now, he has returned. But something, during those five years, has changed him into a mysterious green hooded archer. Arrow moves further along his father’s list while battling family issues with his mother, Moira, and especially with his sister. He also makes amends for past difficulties with Laurel.

Arrow, Season 2 (2013)

Diggle and Felicity return to the island to convince Oliver to return as the Arrow. Now that Oliver no longer has the list to work from, he’s not sure what’s next. Roy continues doing his own vigilantism and has to be bailed out of jail by Thea.

Arrow, Season 3 (2014)

As a new enemy emerges seven months after Slade’s attack upon Starling City, Oliver battles with the help of his teammate Roy. However, with the Arrow’s presence elsewhere someone he had loved dearly is hurt. Team Arrow is in pursuit of a new villain who poses a threat to Starling City. Meanwhile, Oliver is worried about not having heard from Thea.

Arrow, Season 4 (2015)

A new enemy lures Oliver Queen back to Starling City and forces him to put on the hood once more. Oliver and Thea are concerned when a family friend plans to run for mayor; Thea starts to exhibit side effects from the Lazarus Pit; Felicity asks an employee for help with a business decision.

Arrow, Season 5 (2016)

After Laurel’s death and the departures of both Diggle and Thea from Team Arrow, Oliver takes to the streets solo to protect Star City’s citizens as the Green Arrow. Oliver recruits Curtis, Wild Dog and Evelyn Sharp for his team, but his training methods prove to be too much for some to handle. In flashbacks, Oliver continues his initiation into the Bratva.

Arrow, Season 6 (2017)

Oliver deals with the fallout of the explosion on the island. Anatoly returns to Star City with a sinister agenda as Oliver tries to balance being the mayor, the Green Arrow and William’s father. A rogue black ops team led by Onyx breaks into Kord Industries and steals something lethal. Oliver struggles to connect with William so he reaches out to a surprising source for help.

Arrow, Season 7 (2018)

After surrendering to the police for being the Green Arrow, Oliver tries to survive in the prison while a new unknown vigilante emerges in the Star City. Felicity is determined to find Diaz by any means necessary when Diggle tries to keep her on the outs and Oliver is forced to ally with an old enemy.

Arrow, Season 8 (2019)

In the wake of discovering what his future holds, Oliver will find himself pit against his most challenging battle yet, one that will leave the multiverse hanging in the balance. Oliver, John, Laurel, and Tatsu seek out an important person within The Monitor’s plan. Connor has a heart to heart with his brother.

Arrow Complete Series

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