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Buy Kids DVD UK – Aladdin and the King of Thieves

DVD Details

  • Format: DVD Region 2 for the UK
  • Number of Disc: 1
  • Genre: Kids Movie,CLASSIC CARTOON
  • Starring: Robin Williams, Scott Weinger, Linda Larkin
  • Studio: Walt Disney Studios
  • Release Date: 2005

What’s it about

When I was little I use to think Disney characters were very attractive. Aladdin was like the cutest one to me. Next to Prince Charming in Cinderella. Anyways, this movie is perfect to ending of the Aladding triology. I think its perfect that Aladdin and Jasmine finally get married. This disney movie delivers a dose of suspense, and
cliff hanging moments, adventure, and romance. Aladdin and Jasmine once again dominate. They are the best disney couple in my opinion. There are some scary elements, so I would advise if you are going to watch this movie with your children, you might want to be careful. But other than that, this movie is awesome.


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