Blood & Treasure is an adventure series from CBS that’s been renewed for a second season; here’s a guide to the show’s main cast and characters.

Blood And Treasure: Cast & Character Guide
Blood And Treasure: Cast & Character Guide

Here’s a cast and character breakdown for adventure series Blood & Treasure. Raiders Of The Lost Ark is a masterpiece of action/adventure cinema, with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas using the film to pay tribute to the movie serials that inspired them growing up. Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) would come back for three sequels – and is set to return for an upcoming final chapter – in addition to a prequel TV series, video games, spinoff novels and much more.

The Indiana Jones franchise would inspire its own subgenre of treasure hunting adventure movies. Examples include King Solomon’s Mines and its sequel, the National Treasure franchise and even literary adaptations like 2005’s Sahara or The DaVinci Code carry some Indiana Jones DNA. The Tomb Raider or Uncharted video game franchises do little to hide their Indiana inspirations, and neither does CBS’ Blood & Treasure, which debuted in 2019.

Blood & Treasure has all the key ingredients of the genre, featuring lots of action, treasure hunting, globe-trotting, sexual tension, surprise twists, and lots more. The series was met with mixed reviews but it was enough of a success to get a second season greenlight. Here’s a guide to Blood & Treasure’s cast and characters.

Matt Barr – Danny McNamara

When his mentor is kidnapped by a terrorist, former FBI agent and art expert Danny (Matt Barr, The Layover) sets out to rescue her, with the aid of thief – and his ex-girlfriend – Lexi and funds provided by billionaire Reece. Danny might be resourceful but he’s not a true Indiana Jones-style scrapper either.

Sofia Pernas – Lexi Vaziri

Sofia Pernas (Jane The Virgin) plays professional thief Lexi on Blood & Treasure, who helps Danny despite blaming him for her father’s death. Lexi is the brawn of the operation and is more than willing to punch her way out of bad situations.

James Callis – Simon Hardwick

Battlestar Galactica’s James Callis plays Simon Hardwick on Blood & Treasure, who Danny once rescued from terrorist Farouk and he has ties to the mysterious Brotherhood of Serapis. As the series goes on, his hidden links to Reece and Farouk become clearer.

John Larroquette – Jay Reece

John Larroquette is billionaire Reece, who hires Danny and Lexi to track down Dr. Castillo following her kidnapping; needless to say, Reece’s interests extend further than being a good samaritan.


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