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Get Shorty Season 1 TV review

Not only is this the third time that Epix and its adventures into scripted drama have had their charm, but it is the third time — under the unlikely guise of “Get short” — that they have been charming, addictive, eye-opening and of impeccable quality.

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Combat Complete Series 1-5 turns intense dog fights into hilarious animations

On December 17, 1903, the Wright brothers built the first manned powered aircraft, not a hot air balloon, at Kill Devil Hills, north Carolina. By the time world war I broke out in 1914, nations had realized the importance of airplanes, and an arms race in aviation began that would never end. The world has changed. Space war 7: uncharted skies is a product of this shift. It is playing in the unfriendly sky and full of cartoon fun.
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A look back at the First Season of Westworld

Today’s TV industry is so crowded that it is difficult to attract the attention of the audience through a new play, and there are many high-quality TV series that are neglected. In recent years, even HBO has struggled to replicate the success of the sopranos and game of thrones — overwatch is one of the best TV shows, but unfortunately it often feels like no one is watching. In this case, it’s worth noting that when westworld got a real hit this fall, it attracted a lot of attention and quickly amassed a passionate, highly engaged fan base. Read More