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Is Stranger Things season 2 a worthy sequel to the original?

On Friday, Netflix launched the second season of the hit series “” Stranger Things.” ” Last year, the show surprised almost everyone by coming from the ground up with a mix of ’80s nostalgia and a Steven spielberg/king storyline. But this year, it’s all about expectations, with streaming services generating a wave of hype and defining the return of friends as one of the must-see entertainment events of the year.

Now that we’ve had a chance to see what the Duffer brothers have created for the sequel, a group of us on the fringes have decided to sit down and talk about how we feel about strangers in season 2. Nostalgia, new characters like eight, Billy, Bob, and unanswered questions – we’ll dig into all of that.

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how its always sunny in philadelphia got its mojo back

How It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Got Its Mojo Back

“Dennis’ Double Life” does away with two core truths of this universe called Philadelphia: that Dennis cannot be made to experience human feelings, and that the Waitress will never stop hating Charlie. Upending these two constants threatens to break apart the cozy derelict world that It’s Always Sunny has built, but at the same time, it opens up a ton of storytelling options for these two stuck-in-their-ways characters. Put simply, they’re risks. And in the words of Steve Guttenberg, “No risk, no reward!” Read More

based the "coo coo" sound that Rosco made whenever he got excited on noises he used to make when he played with his children. He did this to make Rosco more childlike and therefore less of a threat to the Dukes.
Ben Jones

The Dukes of Hazzard (TV Series 1979–1985)

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