Supernatural is really confusing if you’re not a fan. Thankfully we’re here to clear up some common misconceptions.

Supernatural has been on for thirteen seasons and shows no signs of slowing down as it goes into season fourteen. Throughout it’s run, the show has gained a large, very passionate fanbase.

The fandom has grown from just a simple viewership to a sort of community. They attend specific Supernatural conventions and make friendships online.

The actors are very involved with their fans and spend a lot of their freetime making sure that they’re entertained and feeling loved. There are new people joining this intense fanbase with every passing season.

The show has grown big enough that even people who have never seen an episode of the show are probably aware of it through either gifs, memes, or blogs.

From the outside, the show may look a bit weird with all of the crazy monsters and quirky pranks pulled by characters like The Trickster. When people first view the show, they may have certain expectations that aren’t exactly correct.

There are fan couples that may seem like canon romances, bad guys who might actually be good guys, and deceased characters that may not exactly be in the grave.

Whether their misconceptions from commercials, word of mouth, or bits and pieces of the show that people seen online. here are the 20 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Supernatural.

10/10 Angels Are The Good Guys


Throughout history, angels have been considered good. According to a lot of believers, they are on the side of God and light, and watch over people.

It’s easy to guess that the angels on Supernatural would be the good guys, right? Wrong.

The angels on the show are often conflicted and ambiguous. They have even behaved worse than a few of the demons.

Some of the most memorable villains on the show have been angels, such as Metatron and Michael. They aren’t all ethereal saviors who will work to help the human race.

Castiel, who is arguably one of the most pure and heroic angels, has even made poor choices and harmed the “good guys.”

Believing that the angels on Supernatural will all be good is a major misconception.

9/10 Castiel Appears In Every Episode


Castiel is one of the most popular characters on Supernatural. He has a big enough fan following that even people who don’t watch the show have seen or heard of him.

When people make the decision to start watching the first episode, many expect him to be one of the first characters they encounter.

While he’s certainly grown to be important to the show, he doesn’t appear in every episode like many new fans anticipate. His first appearance isn’t until season four and he appears at random times throughout the seasons after that.

While he’s considered a main character, a lot of fans have complained that Cas isn’t in the show enough. There have been a few times where his absence has spanned quite a few consecutive episodes, and it’s noticeable.

8/10 Demons Are Always Evil


Much like angels are typically known as good in society, demons are considered the bad guys. This is just another concept that Supernatural flips around.

While most of the demons on the show are evil, there a few that have gone good a couple times and have even helped Sam and Dean save the world.

Crowley is one of Supernatural’s most popular characters, and he’s a demon. While he’s certainly done some things wrong, he’s also done a lot right, even if he isn’t always keen on admitting it.

He’s even been called “one of the good guys.”

Meg was also helpful to Team Free Will, despite being a demon. She and Cas even had some romantic tension at one point– nothing like an angel-demon love story to confuse morality.

7/10 Dean And Cas Are A Couple


Destiel is a concept that has been discussed by fans and actors alike since Cas first appeared on the show in season four.

The couple of Dean and Cas has been discussed so much, in fact, that many people who haven’t seen Supernatural assume they are an actual canon couple on the show.

Fan couples can get very intense and tend to have a passionate following. Destiel is big enough that people start the show already anticipating the two’s romantic tension. People just assume there is a gay angel character simply from seeing posts on Tumblr or Twitter.

While there is a major section of the fanbase that believes the two have romantic feelings, the characters have not confessed those feelings on the show directly.

6/10 Characters Who Pass Away Don’t Come Back


On most shows, when a character’s life is ended, they stay gone. There is no miraculous resurrection or strange haunting. Supernatural, however, doesn’t follow to those rules. It makes its own.

Despite what people may think during their first viewing of the show, when a character they love passes away, they have a pretty solid chance of coming back.

Dean, Cas, Sam, and more have all been revived, probably more than once.

It doesn’t make each loss of life easy to watch, though. Every time Dean loses Sam, or vice versa, it’s an emotional moment. It does, however, make watching characters go a little easier than on other shows because they may not be gone forever.

5/10 God Is In Charge


God is known to be all powerful. It would naturally be assumed that if God is in a television show, he is in charge of everything and steps in to help when he can. On Supernatural, however, that assumption is wrong.

While God is mentioned quite a bit in the show, he isn’t revealed as an actual character until season eleven. By then, he has sat by and let humans perish as Sam and Dean struggle to save the world countless times.

He’s been around for these events, he just hasn’t done anything to help.

Basically, God isn’t what any viewer expected him to be, initially. He honestly isn’t even that critical to the show for most seasons.

4/10 Lucifer Is Always Hated


Much like new fans would assume God is the good guy in charge, most people would assume Lucifer is the ultimate evil to defeat.

While he certainly has his evil moments, there have actually been times when he’s worked with the Winchesters, or there has been a greater threat.

He’s even tried to do good deeds, although they usually have ulterior motives. An example of this can be found when he tried to be a good father to his son, Jack. It turns out he was helping plan to end the human race, but there were small moments when he seemed to display some humanity.

While Lucifer is a villian, he isn’t as bad as people assume he will be when they first start the show.

3/10 All The Weird Stuff Is From A Gag Reel


One of the most common thoughts among people who have never watched an episode of Supernatural is along the lines of “is this even a real show?”

The writers aren’t afraid to take in in strange, quirky places, leaving some gifs that are hard to explain if you aren’t a viewer.

From dangerous teddy bears to an appearance by the Scooby Doo gang, the show has gone in a lot of unique directions. While the cast is known to be goofy and there’s always a decent gag reel, a lot of the strange lines and moments people see online are from actual episodes.

For a show that’s been on for thirteen seasons, nothing strange is off limits.

2/10 It’s Always Scary


Supernatural is known to be a scary show. On IMDb, the genre horror is listed alongside drama and fantasy. However, the show isn’t nearly as scary as people expect.

Some of the episodes are more tragic and heartbreaking than scary, and others are downright comical.

Iconic episodes like “Mystery Spot” and “The French Mistake” make people laugh more than they make people scream.

The earlier seasons are definitely considered more horror-like than the later ones. While there were creepy creatures and jump scares early on, the later seasons deal with bigger arcs and focus on the development of different characters.

Overall, it’s more of a drama with scary moments and a few laughs along the way.

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1/10 They Only Fight Ghosts


In the earlier seasons of Supernatural, the main villains are ghosts and monsters. People start the show thinking it’s a simple action-drama about two brothers fighting monsters on the road.

These new viewers are in for a shock, however, when Gods and other powerful beings show up later on.

The brothers fight way more than just ghosts and monsters. They face-off against demons, angels, dragons, and even Lucifer himself.

While they continue to face spirits and classic monsters like vampires throughout the season, the show is a lot more complicated than new fans expect.

It’s hard to imagine there could be any more creatures the creators have missed after all these years, but even in season thirteen they found new ways to surprise viewers.

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